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100% leather

Leather is a natural material with many benefits that we use to make our shoes. It is water-repellent, very durable, protects the feet against injury, e.g. on the edge of rocks, and also contributes to ensuring that the shoe remains stable and gives the foot a good hold. The leather used in the shoes is usually split leather. The entire thickness of the skin layer is not used; instead, thinner leather that is split from the leather layer is used. The more durable leather layers are the external layers lying on the hair side. Full-grain leather is leather that contains the outer layer, the grain layer. Leather needs regular care to retain its properties.

Leather insole


Made of absorbable core leather; high moisture absorption and discharge; good abrasion resistance; skin-friendly pH value.

Leather cover sole

Cover sole

Full cowhide with excellent moisture absorption and discharge, wear-resistant.

L-Protection® sole

The L-Protection® sole is a nail-proof textile insole with ceramic-treated fibres that offer greater safety, lower weight, better thermal/cold insulation, higher flexibility and more comfort than steel and insole. The L-Protection® sole is a steel and insole in one. 100% protection of the sole surface is achieved.


Lycra® is a PA-sheathed elastane fibre by DuPont™ that is highly elastic and is much more durable than rubber, and is therefore frequently used to produce sleeves and seams in faux-fur clothing.

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