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Reactive colouration

Guarantees no premature fading of coloured parts. Dyed with German inks.

Reflexor®-Comfort footbed

Comfort footbed

Anatomical cork footbed that absorbs and supports. Covered with high-quality leather and a pleasantly soft footbed.

Reflexor®-Massage footbed

Massage footbed

Anatomical cork footbed with a high-quality leather cover. Promotes blood circulation, stimulates the foot reflex zones, helps relaxation, counter fatigue, stimulates the organism and contributes to a sense of well-being.


Fibre technology with that certain something! Environmentally friendly & sustainable!

Durable, high-quality mixed fabric that combines natural cotton with recycling polyester – made in an energy-saving, resource-conserving production process.


To increase the tear-resistance of fabrics and minimise wet stretching, grid-like reinforcement fibres are integrated into the material. Used in nylon® and polyester fabrics.