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Materials made of 100% cotton and cotton mixes can be called Sanfor, if the labelled, prefabricated textile does not shrink or loose its shape.


A very stable Schoeller-dynatec® was used to protect body parts that are subject to a lot of wear. Schoellerdynatec® is commonly found in the motorcycle area as reflected in the sturdiness and protective function of this material.

3M Scotchlite™

A very light-reflective material from 3M that is used by various manufacturers of occupational safety clothing to improve passive safety.

Shape A

Forest and woods workers are obligated to wear at least Form A cut protection trousers during work. This form description protects the front of the leg, from the hips to ankle, and the inner and outer sides of the leg to a certain degree.


Ideal climate regulation on the body thanks to the high-tech functional fibres used by athletes.


Terms like soft, elastic, freedom of movement, windproof and very breathable are words that best describe softshells. Softshells are a happy medium between fleece and weather protection jackets. Softshells are much more windproof (and therefore also warmer) than fleece, not 100% waterproof like weather protection jackets, but many times more breathable (and that is decisive)! Softshells combine the external and middle clothing layer in one product, and are extremely lightweight and withstand the worst of wear.


A minimum requirement for the certification of work shoes and safety shoes in compliance with anti-slip specifications according to SRA, SRB or SRC

SRA: Anti-slip on ceramic tiles

SRB: Anti-slip on steel plates and glycerine

SRC (SRA + SRB): Anti-slip on ceramic tiles, steel plates and glycerine


The stabilizer element of plastic ensures stability of the joints and torsional rigidity for all ATC shoes.


Windproof, waterproof, breathable.

SympaTex® is a special pore-free weatherproof membrane that is integrated into some Strauss shoes. The shoes are reliably windproof and waterproof, and are also highly breathable. The function membrane acts like a second skin and removes moisture from the feet and transports it outwards. The SympaTex® membrane guarantees this effect even in physically strenuous situations and ensures an optimum foot climate.

SympaTex® waterproof

The closed, hydrophilic membranes offer 100% protection against water penetration. Thanks to the pore-free and homogenous structure, the wind cannot penetrate and prevents the feet becoming chilled. Water vapour is transported reliably to the outside. The material is therefore waterproof, windproof, breathable and extremely elastic, durable and very lightweight.


Main material polyester

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