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A very stable but heavy and therefore rarely used coating material, especially for tent floors. In the work safety field, neoprene is also used to produce gloves. Originally neoprene was primarily used for diving garments.

Net lining

100% polyester

Nubuk leather

100% leather

Nubuk leather is a soft full-grain leather with a soft briefly sanded surface (hair side). The leather used in the shoes is usually split leather. The entire thickness of the skin layer is not used; instead, thinner leather that is split from the leather layer is used. The more durable leather layers are the external layers lying on the hair side. Full-grain leather is leather that contains the outer layer, the grain layer.


100% polyamide - trade name from DuPont™ for a certain polyamide material. Nylon® is used for many applications. Untreated nylon® is highly water permeable, but hardly absorbs any moisture. It is easy to coat permanently.