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The Ö STANDARD Z 1259 is a national standard and only applies in Austria; it is treated like the German DGUV rule 112-191 referring to the orthopaedic modification of work and safety shoes in Germany.
According to personal protective equipment (PPE) laws, safety and work shoes need to undergo type testing and bear a CE symbol. Any subsequent modifications, e.g. the use of orthopaedic insoles or fittings, demands corresponding certification to continue fulfilling conformity with the standard.
According to Ö standard Z 1259, manufactured work shoes and safety shoes are suitable for use with orthopaedic insoles, specially identified models can be modified by orthopaedic fittings.
To certify for Ö standard Z 1259, work shoes and safety shoes always need to achieve the SRC non-slip value, ¾ insoles may not be used.

Onion layer principle

A functional clothing system should be structured like the layers of an onion. Several thin layers worn over one another warm more effectively than one thick garment because small air pockets can form that act as additional heat reservoirs. The finely matched garment layers keep the wearer warm and dry when it is cold.

Organic Cotton

A large number of our shirts and underwear are made of organic cotton. T Strict ecological criteria apply to the farming of organic cotton. In contrast to conventional cotton farming, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers is prohibited. Also, the cotton plants themselves must not be genetically modified. By organising themselves into co-operatives, the farmers can market their cotton at more stable prices, regardless of fluctuations in the cost of raw materials. All products made of this material are labelled ORGANIC COTTON.


  • High degree of breathability
  • Offer long-lasting elasticity
  • Anti-bacterial with odour control
  • Long-lasting shock-absorption

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