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High Tech Strick of the most comfortable kind. Focussing on maximum wearing comfort, FIBERtwin® High Tech textiles focus on the first and second clothing layer. High breathability, climate comfort and best thermal properties – this is what FIBERtwin® stands for.


These are high-performance products specially designed for fast absorption and removal of moisture. The skin stays dry and fresh even during heavy physical exertion – for maximum wearing comfort!

  • Keeps the skin dry and fresh
  • Extremely breathable, fast drying
  • Kind and gentle on the skin

FIBERtwin® clima-pro

Highly functional lightweight materials for maximum climate comfort.
The special feature is the use of different yarns for the outside and inside surfaces. The roughened inner texture creates many small contact points on the skin, and thus quickly absorbs moisture and transports it to the outside. The moisture is distributed over a large area on the smooth outer surface, and thus evaporates extremely quickly. FIBERtwin® clima-pro products allow wind from outside to penetrate, and thereby offer optimum circulation of body heat and fresh air.

  • Keeps the skin dry and fresh
  • Transports moisture quickly and effciently to the outside
  • Extremely breathable, fast-drying
  • Skin-friendly and extremely pleasant on the skin


No sweat – no smell!

Merino wool stops bacteria forming and is therefore odourneutral.
The unconventional fibre structure keeps you warm when it is cold and has a cooling effect when it is warm - naturally!

  • Permanently odour-inhibiting
  • Climate-regulating
  • Optimum removal of moisture
  • Extremely breathable
  • Natural fibres ensure the garments are extremely kind to the skin
  • Natural elasticity
  • Heavy inflammability


Products from the FIBERtwin® INSOLATION range stand for maximum thermal insulation and outstanding breathability. A unique surface structure and open-pored fibres to store body heat ensure a constant temperature balance: air-conditioning through fresh air from the outside, pleasant warmth from the inside – for an outstanding body climate.

  • Best possible heat storage and insulation
  • Highly breathable
  • Fast-drying
  • Wide variety of material and surface constructions

FIBERtwin® soft touch

Functional well-being

Absolute professional comfort and the best climatic properties: The highly functional FIBERtwin® soft touch products are extremely pleasant on the skin. Very breathable, it stores heat and transports moisture to the outside. Exceedingly comfortable! Comfort of the highest order.

FIBERtwin® high-loft

FIBERtwin® high-Loft – these materials are exclusively made from extremely thick-pile fabric for a maximum warmth-to-weight ratio and the best breathability. The unique open mesh construction enables the maximum amount of circulation and the best possible heat storage. The low density of the material means that the weight is reduced while its compressibility is increased.

FIBERtwin® thermo stretch

Pure warmth combined with freedom of movement!

Highly elastic, smooth on the outside and warm on the inside. Thermo stretch functional materials ensure an excellent thermal climate, even when it is very cold outside.
Flexible stretch material, breathable and fast-drying – FIBERtwin® thermo stretch offers full functionality and work power!

FIBERtwin® therma-plus

Highly breathable, fast-drying. The FIBERtwin® therma-plus premium fleece allows freedom of movement and offers the best possible heat storage whilst still being lightweight. The advantage is in the high level of breathability and fast drying. Air is stored and heat is retained, without weighing the wearer down.

FIBERtwin ® thermaflor

Strong and cuddly warmth! Textiles with FIBERtwin® thermaflor are very soft and warm on the inside.
Thanks to the printing and weaving technique, the outside of FIBERtwin® thermaflor textiles is more durable and wear-resistant than comparable midlayer materials.

  • fast-drying
  • wind-repellent
  • excellent heat storage


Closed reliably, quickly and very easily: Fidlock® is an innovative magnetic attachment system that simplifies use on a day-to-day basis. The magnetic click procedure automatically moves the fastener into the right position – keeping one hand free for work! It is used in various products, for instance in belts, tool bags and work shoes. The greatest benefit: the one-handed operation and the fast, simple locking process eliminates any messing around with laces.


100% cotton


100% polyester.

Fleece is the no. 1 functional material for thermal protection. It is based on fine polyester fibres and is primarily manufactured with roughened surfaces.
It is therefore very pleasant and cosy. Fleece keeps the wearer warm; it is also very lightweight, dries quickly and is easy to wash. However, fleece available on the market differs in terms of the quality of the technical properties and durability. If the basic material is the same, the thicker the fleece, the warmer it is.


The FLEXBELT® comfort technology stands for a comfortable waistband system in which the integrated waistband of the garment is highly flexibly and ensures comfort.

FLEXBELT® 300 Flexible waistband system

FLEXBELT® 300 waistband technology keeps the trousers on the hips as comfortably as if a belt was being used, and moves easily with the wearer. Can be washed in temperatures of up to 60° Celsius, an ideal combination with D90 STRETCH materials.

FLEXFIT® rubber band

Thanks to the original FLEXFIT® rubber band, the caps adapt ideally to the shape of the head and are pleasant to wear.


Flexi-Stretch is 100 % stretchable allowing for optimum freedom of movement. If sharp objects puncture holes in the material, these will not rip thanks to the extremely high tear resistance. Flexi-Stretch is waterproof, windproof and feather light for superb wearing comfort.

Material: 100 % polyester with polyurethane coating.


In combination with 4-way stretch features elastic in all directions.

FPA accepted

The tests comprise technical measurements, forestry-related application tests and practical surveys. If the result is positive, the responsible test committee makes a decision to award "FPA-recognised" accreditation.

Functional clothing

‘Functional clothing’ refers to garments whose properties ensure weather protection, climate comfort, heat and/or insulation and transporting the moisture to the outside. Functional wear is usually made of mixed fabrics or synthetic materials that cannot be classified as part of the ‘onion principle’ because cotton absorbs moisture. Our products are sorted according to the base layer, the insulation layer, the thermal layer and the weather protection layer, and can be found in the special shops in the ‘Functional wear’ section.

Functional workwear Base layer

The base layer protects against penetrating damp, and keep the wind, rain, snow, fog – any kind of weather – away from the body. At the same time, it transport moistures from the underneath layers to the outside surface where it can evaporate

Functional workwear Warmth layer

The warmth layer blocks the wind to prevent the body and muscles from becoming cold. Body heat is retained, moisture is removed outwards to the next layer.

Functional workwear All-weather protective layer

The all-weather protective layer protects against penetrating damp, and keep the wind, rain, snow, fog – any kind of weather – away from the body. At the same time, it transport moistures from the underneath layers to the outside surface where it can evaporate.

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