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T400® Stretch


T400® is a modern Elastomultiester fibre with excellent rebound properties. Enormously elastic in all directions, it offers the wearer excellent freedom of movement. A relaxed stretch material for more comfort, movement, a perfect and outstanding fit.


Tactel® is a PA meryl-based fabric made by DuPont™ that is lightweight, windproof and largely tear and abrasion-proof. As Tactel® is softer, it is much more comfortable than CORDURA®.


Taslan® is used to describe all substances whose PA fibres are changed by steam. It makes the fibres swell, gives them more volume and they become softer whilst at the same time retaining their wind and water-repellent properties and breathability capacity.


Textiles equipped with Teflon® by DuPont™ are highly dirt-repellent, have excellent stain resistance and a pearling effect. They are also extremely easy to care for, and odour and colour neutral. The air permeability of the fabric is hardly affected, the grip and structure is not changed.


Thermolite® from DuPont is a particularly high-quality climate material. It transports moisture away from the skin - your body stays pleasantly dry. At the same time, Thermolite® stores the body's warmth in hollow fibres to avoid heat loss.


A very high-quality padding based on natural insulation materials such as feathers and fur. The hollow fibres are 40 times finer than human hair, and thanks to their tubular shape, they trap a greater amount of air whilst being lower in weight.

The convincing result:

  • Optimum insulation
  • Super thin fleece
  • Breathability
  • Good wearing comfort