Light, high bulking power, soft and warm, light-fast and weather-resistant, felt-free, it does not shrink, it is mothproof, it comes in bright colours, it is easy-care and fast-drying. Due to the permanent gathering, the PAN-discontinuous fibre is very similar to wool; however the tear and abrasion resistance of wool is significantly exceeded. It has excellent resistance and thermal insulation properties. Being soft to the touch, the material is very elegant and, due to its low moisture absorbance, it hardly soils.


The innovative and revolutionary safety cap (in aluminium or plastic) allows the foot to breathe thanks to its innovative technology Airtoe®. Airtoe® is the answer to the need for breathability in safety shoes. The synergy between the asymmetric arrangement of the holes in the cap and the special microporous membrane allows high breathability and perfect protection against water permeation even after many hard hours at work. Airtoe® has been tested against the strictest of safety standards.


Amicor with the long-lasting, "permanently installed" effect reduces the creation of odours (because they are bacterial), improves wearing comfort and ensures freshness round the clock in a number of application fields.

Anti-pill properties

The anti-pill properties on garments prevent pilling in the textiles. Pilling occurs by friction on the surface of the material causing the wool hairs to become knotted and felted.


Acceptable Quality Level = procedure for determining quality. The DIN EN 455 defines a tightness value of at least 1.5 for medical disposable gloves.