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HACCP, which stands for the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point concept, became an important part of food hygiene law in January 2006. It is built upon the previously established hygiene regulations and aims to identify, assess and control important health risks caused by food. Fulfilment of these tasks is mandatory solely for the companies!

High Loft

High Loft is used to describe inner lining made of soft high-pile fleece for excellent thermal insulation. Air chambers in the high-pile fabric save body heat and therefore insulate against penetrating cold.

Hollow fibre

Hollow fibre is the term used for tube-like PES fibres. The tube-like shape of these fibres means that the materials are lighter whilst also having larger air pockets and therefore better insulation properties than full fibres. Hollow fibres are frequently used as padding for insulation purposes. See also Thinsulate®.

The term hydrophilic/hydrophobic, which comes from Greek, means water-loving, water-attracting and/or water-hating, water-repellent.