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BGR 191 or. DGUV 112-191

Valid till 2014, now DGUV Regulation 112-191 or. Ö Norm Z 1259 in Austria


All-round protection for your feet and material!

biocage® draws the wear-resistant PUR layer high above the edge of the sole and thereby offers reliable protection against impact and wear. At the same time, the flexible sole grid assists the rolling motion thanks to the side perforations; absorbed energy is discharged more efficiently and optimum absorption values are achieved. jackets. biocage® includes the outsole and shoes as a complete cast, and therefore highly sturdy, unit, thereby achieving a permanent grip along the edge and side stability.

Biomex®- Protection

The Biomex® principle is a development from the hiking shoe field. The axle of Biomex® shoes is angled and therefore follows freely the movement of the lower leg. A plastic collar with offset pivots ensure permanent stability. It also follows the natural movement of the knees when they are bent. This flexible shoe system also improves the roll-over of the foot.

bXeric® strength in motion

Extremely elastic 4-way-stretch-CORDURA® for excellent wearingcomfort without rubbing. Flexible 4-way-stretch for absolute freedom of movement. Elastic in all directions, bXeric® not only promises pure wearing comfort but also a high level of durability. bXeric® fabrics are extremely water-resistant thanks to their special combination of material and woven technology.

bXeric® double weave

Intensive abrasion-resistance, tear resistance and durability tests have shown that bXeric® double weave lasts 3 times longer than cotton! The material can withstand up to 300,000 abrasion cycles, it is extremely durable, wear-resistant and maintains its structure – even in the toughest of conditions. The pilling properties are excellent! Compared to cotton/polyester mixes, the combination of polyamide and elastane is much more comfortable, water-repellent, fast-drying and breathable - whilst also being very lightweight and flexible.

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