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DGUV Regulation 112-191 formerly BGR 191

The DGUV rule 112-191 is part of the regulations issued by the German Social Accident Insurance.
The regulations help statutory accident insurers, companies and employees design safe and healthy workplaces. In particular, the DGUV rule 112-191 addresses the ‘Use of foot and knee protection’.

The DGUV rule 112-191 says that every orthopaedic modification of work and safety shoes needs to be checked to see if the modified models still satisfy the requirements of the standard EN ISO 20345 (safety shoes) or EN ISO 20347 (work shoes).
According to DGUV rule 112-191, certified work/safety shoes by engelbert strauss are suitable for use with orthopaedic insoles, specially identified models can be modified by orthopaedic fittings.


Dryplexx® textiles can be very easily integrated into the onion principle. dryplexx® extreme, dryplexx® waterproof, dryplexx® hydro and dryplexx® softshell all stand out as weather experts for the third clothing layer. Be it weather jackets as an outer layer or safety shoes with a dryplexx® membrane – the system is always identical: excess body heat is transported outwards as vapour through micro-fine pores to regulate the climate. At the same time, the wind and weather are stopped and the body is protected from becoming cold and wet.

dryplexx® extreme

Highly windproof, waterproof, breathable.

- Extra waterproof
- Extremely breathable thanks to climate comfort and excellent moisture transportation via the functional fabric
- Extra lightweight and soft
- pleasantly soft to the touch, lightly warming fleece lining

dryplexx® fleece

warming, wind-repellent, breathable

dryplexx® fleece materials help regulated the temperature. Even during strenuous activites they keep the body dry and fresh.

dryplexx® hydro

  • Water repellent, windproof, extremely breathable
  • Breathable thanks to climate comfort and first rate removal of damp via the high quality functional fabric

dryplexx® micro

Textiles dryplexx® micro are incredibly lightweight and warming. The pockets of air that collect in the fleece pile are highly suited to provide insulation, thereby regulating the climate.

dryplexx® softlight

see dryplexx® Softshell.

Textiles with the dryplexx® softlight material are also extra lightweight but still very durable so that you always feel comfortable however strenuous the task.

dryplexx® softshell

Soft, stretchable, good mobility, windproof and extremely breathable – these are terms that best describe the Softshell clothing.Softshells are far more windproof (and therefore also warmer) than fleeces, although not 100 % waterproof like all-weather jackets, but (and this is decisive) they are much more breathable! Softshells are extremely light and can also withstand even the heaviest use.

dryplexx® thermaflor

The strong material is windproof and protects against chills and draughts. Small pockets of air are created in the fleecy faux inner lining that act as an added heat reservoir. dryplexx® Thermaflor materials have a climate-regulating function. They always keep the body dry and fresh however strenuous the job.

dryplexx® thermostretch

Thanks to the excellent stretch comfort, the dryplexx® thermostretch materials feel like a second skin. They have a climate-regulating function. They keep the body dry and fresh however strenuous the job.

dryplexx® waterproof

The waterproof dryplexx® membrane prevents moisture getting in. Also, moisture (sweat) is transferred out of the shoe via the climate membrane offering an excellent climate in the shoe.


The new generation of WEATHERPROOF

Permanently waterproof, highly breathable, perfect climate comfort. Based on the "sock principle", the dryplexx® functional membrane is completely worked into the shoe, providing professional, reliable and strong weather protection - guaranteed!

Outer fabric Weather protection

Mid layer Removal of the moisture

Membrane waterproof, windproof, breathable

Functional layer Transfer of the moisture

Inner lining Moisture absorption

dryplexx® wind

The strong material is water repellent and absolutely windproof and protects the wearer from the cold and draughts. dryplexx® wind materials have a climate-regulating function. They always keep the body dry and fresh however strenuous the job.

Dunova® principle

The Dunova® principle with cotton keeps the body dry and warm by quickly discharging body moisture.


DuPont™ Textiles Interiors (DTI), a 100% subsidiary of DuPont™, is the world’s largest integrated fibre company with an estimated annual turnover of 6.3 billion US dollars and branches in 50 countries. The company, which has headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware/USA, has three divisions: clothing, interior and industrial products;

Primary and intermediate products. DTI is committed to the growth of its companies – by means of market insights and technological innovations and a high-performance portfolio with well-known brands and logos in the industry including Lycra®, Teflon®, Stainmaster®, Antron®, Coolmax®, Thermolite®, CORDURA®, Supplex® and Tactel®.

DuPont™ is a science company. DuPont™, which was founded in 1802, provides solutions that make daily life better, safer and simpler by means of science. DuPont™ is active in more than 70 countries and has an extensive range of products and services for sectors such as farming, foods, electronics, communication, safety and protection, building and living, transport and clothing.


A very stable Schoeller-dynatec® was used to protect body parts that are subject to a lot of wear. Schoellerdynatec® is commonly found in the motorcycle area as reflected in the sturdiness and protective function of this material.


Particularly high abrasion resistance by Dynashield®:

Flexible impact absorbing device – for better abrasion resistance on many parts subject to heavy wear Tiny protection plates, which are cut, puncture and wear resistant, for durable, dynamic and breathable material reinforcement with stretch effect.


Intensive abrasion-resistance, tear resistance and durability tests have shown that bXeric® double weave lasts 3 times longer than cotton! The material can withstand up to 300,000 abrasion cycles, it is extremely durable, wear-resistant and maintains its structure – even in the toughest of conditions. The pilling properties are excellent! Compared to cotton/polyester mixes, the combination of polyamide and elastane is much more comfortable, water-repellent, fast-drying and breathable - whilst also being very lightweight and flexible.

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