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Perfect insulation

Heat has never been so lightweight and soft! Ultrafine microfibers save air and therefore shield the body against penetrating cold from the outside, without limiting breathability. Thanks to a wafer-thin fibre structure, ISOFILL® is very soft, pleasantly lightweight, elastic and uniquely comfortable! For heat without the volume!

ISOFILL® Tekno Down

  • Mix of natural down and ISOFILL® polyester
  • Extremely warm

Isolation pure, for warmth without weight and volume
Lightweight, soft and warm – the properties of ISOFILL® in the ISOFILL® TEKNO DOWN are enhanced by the natural benefits of down. As a filling material it is unbeatable; this high-tech mixed fabric combines the natural fill power of down with the breathability and elasticity of ISOFILL®. The loft created by this mix ensures excellent insulation from the cold. Very lightweight and warm, the ISOFILL® TEKNO DOWN is used in winter work jackets, and guarantees excellent warmth without much volume. Keeps the wearer permanently warm, excellently suited for work involving little physical activity in low temperatures.

Engelbert Strauss Ltd.

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