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Velour leather

100% velour leather.

Velour leather is rough sanded leather. It has a long-fibre surface and is also known as suede.


This Italian profile is one of the most well-known outer soles among European trekking shoes. They are very durable and have a good grip, and depending in the shoe specification they are combined with damping or stabilisation elements.


Viscose is the most ‘natural’ of all chemical fibres. It is made of regenerated cellulose (usually obtained from beeches or spruces or non-spinnable cotton) and turned into lightweight, soft flowing materials. The cellulose is dissolved into a spinning mass and turns back into pure cellulose when solid without any chemical changes. Depending on the shine, fineness and gathering, the viscose can lend garments a ‘Silk’, ‘Cotton’ or ‘Wool’ look. Viscose is absorbable cotton, but is not very tear-resistant and durable in a wet condition.
Clothing made of viscose can usually be washed on a gentle cycle at 30°C. Do not spin, or spin gently and hang up wet. Always observe the care instructions in the garment.

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