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Werkzeuge von engelbert strauss


A professional without tools is like a pilot without an aircraft. 100 percent perfection is only possible with the right equipment. engelbert strauss stands for engineering expertise and innovation in the tool field too. We do not rest on our laurels - we are always striving to improve our products. We apply our technical know-how and wealth of craftsmanship experience to our work on new technologies, which are designed to solve everyday problems and make things easier. The e.s. tools have been specially designed for the challenges you face at work: secure handling, durable materials, a high-quality finish, practical features and an exclusive design. Our online shop has the right tools and accessories for all trades and jobs. For those requiring help sorting through this large selection, below you can find an overview of the range as well as some valuable tips.

The huge world of hand tools

Even our earliest ancestors worked with shaped stones and, today, hand tools are still essential for professionals in all sectors. Screwdrivers, saws, files etc. are used everyday, and it is essential that they are of a good quality! As a workwear specialist, we work closely with craftsmen and women and are continuously developing new and innovative tool technologies. We guarantee a high-quality and durable finish and also use sturdy materials. Be it our striking range of hammers, handy pliers or durable wrench sets – engelbert strauss supplies hand tools, most of which are 'Made in Germany', which can be used for a wide range of tasks. And they all have one thing in common: they are clever solutions that make day-to-day life at work much easier. Giving you more power for your project!

Get ready, get set, go! Tool sets by engelbert strauss

From apprentices to master craftspersons – anyone looking for a starter tool set will find exactly what they need in the engelbert strauss tool sets. They contain everything professionals desire - from the basics through to professional tools that are specially designed for various trades. Psst, our secret tip: there is a matching e.s. tool case or trolley for each module thanks to the mix & match system. This means the tools are always stored securely, even during transportation. A great bonus: you can save money by buying both products together.

Basic tools for all-rounders

No workshop can do without classic products like wrenches, hammers and pliers. The ALLROUND tool set is a perfect universal assortment of 105 quality tools. This finally puts an end to time-consuming searches for the right screwdriver or bit. And anyone who wants to cover all their bases will also find additional accessories like goggles, voltage testers and VE screwdrivers in the 242-part ALLROUND PROFI module.

Tool sets for specialists

The professional modules SANITARY, METAL and WOOD are specially designed to meet the needs of individual trades. But one thing these sets have in common is that the tools are all made of durable, rugged materials in a an excellent finish. Full steam ahead, all day long! Meanwhile, real live wires will love the ELECTRO tool sets. From the standard set-up for simple tasks through to the ELECTRO MASTER PRO, electrical installations can be completed safely.

And we go one step further: tool accessories

Professional tools require professional tool accessories: because bits, saw blades etc. work on the frontline. These accessories ensure that screws sit tight, boreholes are clean and cuts are precise. Be it the combi-bit box and the magnetic bit holder, the diamond cutting disc or a wide range of saw blades, you will find everything you need for your professional tools in the engelbert strauss online shop. Discover the extensive range of drills: regardless of whether you work with metal, stone or wood, these tools ensure optimum results for any jobs that require power and precision.

On your marks, ready, stowed! – The world of tool storage

The tasks for which tools are needed are as varied as the tools themselves and the storage requirements: whilst one person may just work in a workshop, someone else might swing their hammer daily at dizzying heights and the next person flies around the world with their tools. engelbert strauss has the right solution for every job, and offers clever storage options for all kinds of professional tools and accessories.

Hard shell, well protected core: tool cases and trolleys

Gone are the days of digging around in your tool box or annoying damage due to poor storage – the high-quality tool cases by engelbert strauss now offer a made-to-measure home for your equipment. The sturdy cases and trolleys have been cleverly designed right down to the small details, and wear parts can also be replaced easily. This large assortment ranges from the e.s. Tool case CLASSIC – a simple all-rounder with a durable ABS hard case – through to the almost indestructible e.s. Tool trolley ULTIMATE MAX.

Flexible and mobile: the Straussbox System

Anyone who works in a workshop but frequently visits customers or installation sites needs a flexible and, at the same time, mobile storage solution. The e.s. Boxxen System is precisely tailored to the needs of professionals! The modules can be combined and expanded individually and easily. They are also easy to transport. When integrated into the e.s. workmo, you can create a multifunctional work station very quickly that is stackable and mobile thanks to the rolling board or transport hoofs, and also with optional clever accessories such as a worktop or cable holder.

It couldn't be easier! – The e.s. tool bags

If you need your equipment to function very quickly, tool bags with practical push-in compartments are the perfect solution. Attached to your belt or directly to your trousers, wrenches, pliers etc. are always to hand at work, leaving your hands free. The engelbert strauss online shop has a wide variety of tool bags made of various materials and in various sizes.

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