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Para-Aramid (AR)

100% aramid

An extremely tear and wear resistant, and durable material that can be used in heavy-duty zones. Kevlar® is based on aramid threads that are woven into a material mix with nylon. Aramid threads cannot be dyed; they always remain white-yellow.


PIMA COTTON is a very fine cotton of excellent quality which only makes up a maximum of 3 % of the world’s annual cotton harvest. In the textile and processing industry, cotton is primarily distinguished according to its staple length (fibre length). The longer the cotton fibre, the higher the quality grade. engelbert strauss uses the best quality with a staple length upwards of 32 mm for this item.

Polyamid (PA)

100% polyamide

In addition to polyester, a very universal synthetic fibre in the outdoor field. It is highly tear and wear resistant, elastic and only absorbs approx. 4% of its own weight in water. In addition, it can also be coated easily, e.g. with polyurethane.

Polyester (PES)

  • Pure synthetic fibres
  • easy to care for, highly durable
  • only absorbs 0.5 % of its own weight in moisture
  • fast drying
  • shape stable
  • highly UV and aging resistant

It is primarily the care properties that make the polyester outstanding in the workwear field. Fast-drying, almost crease-free and with excellent rebound properties, this ‘all-round’ fibre remains in shape even after being worn and washed many times. Due to its fast moisture discharge, polyester yarns are often used in functional clothing e.g. in the sports field. Light-fast and weather resistant, polyester textiles are very durable, store heat excellently and are also used as filling material for work jackets.

Polypropylene (PP)

These plastic fibres absorb fewer fluids than other natural and synthetic fibres. Polypropylene dries much quicker than other polyester fibres.

For this reason, these fibres are highly suitable for the production of functional underwear.

Polyurethane (PU)

100% polyurethane

Synthetic material for high-quality waterproof coatings. It keeps its properties for a long time; the seams are sealed with tape and it also remains flexible in the cold. In the shoe area, polyurethane is used as a dimensionally stable, lightweight material for intermediate soles and wear-resistant coating on leather.

Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

One of the oldest plastics that has been used very versatilely for many years, e.g. as a water-repellent coating for other textile fibres, due to its resistance to most chemicals, its low flammability, almost no moisture absorbance, good thermal insulation.


Poly-Cotton is a mixed fabric made of polyester and cotton, with a higher polyester share. The goal when manufacturing mixed fabrics is the combination of the positive properties of the primary materials. Polyester/cotton mixes are often used in the workwear field. This preferred mix combines the benefits of synthetic and natural fibres to make a strong, comfortable and easy-care fabric. The benefit of a higher polyester share is its durability and easy-care properties.


PrimaLoft® is unbelievably soft and lightweight and has excellent waterrepellent properties.

Even under the most extreme weather conditions PrimaLoft® products keep you warm and dry. The patented ultra-fine microfibre structure retains body heat and helps save energy.


It is capable of absorbing a large amount of moisture, storing and transporting this moisture to the next layer in a controlled manner. This helps to avoid moisture build-up and ensure a pleasant body climate.

PUR-Two-layer sole

Elastic and soft underfoot thanks to integrated soft comfort layer. Wear-proof thanks to compact foamed running layer. Good slip-protection values. Heat resistance up to 140 °C. Cold temperature stability up to –25 °C. Resistant to oil, petrol and acid.

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