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This name stands for fleece made of 100% PA, which is extremely durable with a high moisture absorption capacity combined with a short drying time and shape stability. Therefore Cambrelle is often used as a shoe lining in the work shoe field.


100% cotton

Very tear-proof, durable fine-bound cotton fabric. We use it in various thicknesses for clothing and accessories.

Clima Concept

With the e.s. clima concept, you select the ideal thermal level depending on the physical activity. The e.s. Functional underwear offers the matching solution whatever the thermal requirements.

Comfort 12

The foot:
The sole has a substructure made of a fatty body that absorbs impacts and acts like padding, especially on hard ground.

Frequent foot problem:
The heel spur is a painful condition on the heel bone caused by overstressed tendons. This condition can be prevented by using the “Comfort12” Energy insole . It offers effective relief to the joints and prevents wear and fatigue.

The sole makes the difference:
The shock-absorbing insole was originally developed for orthopaedic purposes.
The ”Comfort12“ energy insole prevents fatigue and wear on the joints. It also gives the wearer a very pleasant feeling when walking and standing.


100% polyester

A synthetic fibre made by DuPont™ with four fine outer channels. Thanks to this special construction, fibres made of Coolmax® have a 20% larger surface than conventional fibres with a more rounded cross-section. This means that they can absorb more moisture and transport it from the body to the outside of the garment.
Even when the wearer sweats heavily, Coolmax® feels dry on the skin. It dries very quickly, is wonderfully soft, gentle on the skin and keeps its shape.


7 x more abrasion-resistant than cotton! Sturdy and water-repellent, CORDURA® is perfect for strengthening stress-bearing areas (e.g. in the knee area). Using a particular weaving technique of the polyamide fibres, CORDURA® is enormously abrasion-resistant and still soft to the touch. The flexibility of the CORDURA® strengthened parts is retained.


Excellent wear resistance and extremely comfortable
A mix of comfortable cotton and wear-resistant Cordura®.
This durable material can withstand approx. 500,000 abrasion cycles and is 7 times more wear-resistant than cotton-polyester fabric, whilst still being very pleasant to wear. Cordura® cotton mixes: durable, sturdy & comfortable.



A wear-resistant fabric, originally developed as a durable but lightweight comfortable solution for the military. Its special properties come from the fibre mix. It has a high cotton percentage combined with T420 Nylon to ensure comfort and excellent durability. For clothing that is highly durable and extremely pleasant to wear.

Cotton (CO)

– naturally durable and comfortable The natural fibre, cotton, is extremely comfortable to wear. Soft and pleasant to the touch, cotton workwear is extremely pleasant on the skin and is also extremely durable and sturdy. Cotton can absorb up to 20% of its moisture without feeling wet. A real ‘feel-good’ material that comes into its own when worn directly on the skin.

Cotton Elasthan

Mixed fabric made of cotton and elastane. Cotton is a natural product. Soft and pleasant to the touch, gentle on the skin and unbeatable in terms of moisture absorption. In its natural form, cotton is not elastic; however, elastane is. Even 2 % elastane ensures more freedom of movement and shape stability. Elastane fibres are combined with cotton to ensure that our workwear is comfortable. This means that workwear made of cotton is not only more flexible, it creases less, dries more quickly and retains its colour – even after frequent washing. Cotton elastane is therefore a mixed fabric that combines the natural benefits of cotton with the functional properties of elastane.


Mixed fabrics combine the benefits of natural and synthetic fibres into strong, comfortable and easy-care materials. Workwear is often made of cotton/polyester mixes. The wearing benefits of cotton fibres are improved in particular by the care properties of polyester, making materials that are comfortable and durable at the same time. Poly-cotton mixes absorb moisture very well, thanks to the cotton fibres. At the same time, the polyester part of the material also ensures that this moisture is removed quickly. A high percentage of cotton ensures high tear-resistance, whilst a high percentage of polyester ensures the durability of the workwear.

COTTON touch

Weather protection with a cotton feeling - the weatherproof wax coat makes snow and rain simply pearl off, protects against the wind, and dirt and stains. At the same time, the cotton touch designs are low-noise and soft to the touch, combining weather protection with first-rate comfort.

Cut protection class 1

Cut protection trousers protect the legs against injuries during work with a chainsaw. Tested according to EN 381-5, cut protection class 1, form A, the trousers protect, at a chain speed of up to 20 meters a second, where they should.

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