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100% nylon.

Waterproof coated polyamide material that is processed using a welding technique. The products are waterproof.

Weather protection combined with mechanical durability

With these best materials and high-performance membrane technology engelbert strauss ensures that weather protection clothing satisfies the strict requirements of DIN EN 343:2003. In addition to the function of the products (waterproofness / breathability), the test procedures also take into account the mechanical properties (durability / stability / lifecycle / resistance). It is only the combination of these features that guarantee maximum performance for the wearers of work protection clothing

Wind stopper lining

The fabric functions like a windbreak on the beach. The speed of the wind penetration is slowed but enough air is allowed through to keep the wearer comfortable.


Absolutely windproof:

Retains the body's heat and protects from wind chill.

Highly breathable:

Prevents overheating and moisture build-up as sweat can easily escape in the form of water vapour.

Benefits of the WINDSTOPPER™ membrane:

  • Stops wind penetrating
  • Prevents the body and muscles from getting cold
  • Stores body warmth
  • Sweat is directed outwards effciently

Engelbert Strauss Ltd.

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