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are tested to EN ISO 20345 and satisfy the following criteria:

• Alu-plastic or steel toe cap
• Puncture-resistant sole
• Antistatic properties (A)
• Profiled sole
• also possible: Fuel resistance of the sole (FO)

• Anti-Slip
• Closed heel area
• Energy absorption in the heel area (E)
• No water penetration for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Safety classes contained in the norm:

Mit durchtrittsicherer Stahlsohle und Wasserdichtheit

Like S7, also with puncture resistant textile sole standard requirement (tested with a ⌀ 4.5-mm nail).

Like S3, with puncture resistant textile sole standard acc. to higher requirement (tested with a ⌀ 3.0-mm nail).

Important: S7 shoes are comparable to S3 shoes, but they are additionally equipped with a weather protection membrane (e.g. dryplexx®).

Safety Shoes S3

Safety Shoes S3

Safety Classes

Simply unbeatable: safety shoes S3

A moment of carelessness at the building site and a glass pane can fall onto the floor and break into a thousand pieces. It is not just the weight that poses a risk to feet, but also the sharp glass on the floor. When there is a risk from above and below, it is better to be wearing S3 safety footwear.

These shoes offer all the protection of work shoes from lower safety classes and also have a puncture-resistant sole. This is achieved through the use of either sturdy steel insoles or more flexible textile midsoles. S3 shoes that are certified to EN ISO 20345:2022 clearly indicate whether the penetration resistance is metallic or textile. In textile puncture protection, there is also a differentiation based on how effectively the insole guards against the penetration of sharp objects.

S3 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S3 safety footwear: with metallic puncture-resistance
S3 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S3L Safety shoes: with textile puncture-resistance acc. to standard requirement
S3 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S3S Safety shoes: with textile puncture-resistance acc. to higher requirement

The difference lies in the diameter of the test nail used to apply pressure to the puncture-resistant textile sole. The smaller nail diameter (3.5 mm) creates greater pressure, which is why the puncture resistance is rated higher (higher requirement) compared to a larger nail diameter (basic requirement).

S3 safety shoes provide ultimate all-around protection: According to EN ISO 20345, they offer not only puncture resistance but also a closed heel area, energy absorption in the heel region (E), a toe cap for impact protection, and a slip-resistant sole. Additionally, they come with a waterproof upper material (for at least 60 minutes) and have an antistatic and profiled outsole.

A fuel-resistant sole according to EN ISO 20345:2022 is only an optional additional requirement – most Strauss S3 safety shoes offer this performance nevertheless.

In brief: unbeatable safety.

Whilst the footwear by Strauss are packed full with safety features, they are not as bulky as you would imagine and include a toe cap. Lots of models, like the seamless S3 Thyone safety boots, have a sporty modern sneaker look. They don’t just look good, they are also extremely comfortable and comparatively light. In addition to the footwear, there are also more classic models in our range of safety footwear available: safety shoes (mid) and safety boots.

The high-quality, durable, waterproof and protective leather and textile surfaces protect the feet all round up to the ankle. They are also extremely durable and pleasantly easy-care. But whether safety footwear is sporty or classic, they are never boring, thanks to the huge range of colours above and beyond the conventional black. Are you looking for sporty S3 safety boots in ‘Gentian blue’ or boots in ‘Walnut/wheat’? No problem, our footwear guarantees safety!

Waterproof and breathable: Best all-day comfort

engelbert strauss dryplexx keeps safety footwear waterproof but breathable

Since things get hot here, perspiration is also an important issue. A large part of our S3 safety shoes are equipped with the dryplexx® membrane. The big advantage is the permanent protection against water penetration. S3 shoes with weather protection membrane are thus comparable in properties to S7 safety shoes according to the latest EN ISO 20345:2022. In addition, the shoes are also particularly breathable. This ensures a pleasant wearing sensation throughout the day and thoroughly dry feet.

When working on jobs that require protection from electrical charging you should also ensure that your shoes are equipped with ESD.

Ideal for building sites

Our S3 boots with toe cap are waterproof and resistant whenever things get intense; and there are risks everywhere on building sites: nails, protruding pylons, falling building materials and heavy equipment. Sturdy boots that comply with the minimum requirements of DIN EN ISO 20345 are just as essential here as a protective helmet because safety always comes first!

Waterproof and breathability: Excellent comfort all day long

And because things can get hot, sweat is also an important issue. Some of our footwear is equipped with a waterproof dryplexx® membrane. The greatest benefit is the permanent protection against water penetration. S3 shoes with weatherproof membranes are, therefore, comparable in characteristics to S7 safety shoes according to the latest EN ISO 20345 standard:2022. Also, the shoes are also highly breathable. This ensures a comfortable wearing experience throughout the day and keeps your feet completely dry.

Safety shoes S3 against the cold

S3 safety footwear is also ideal for use outdoors where the profiled sole comes into its own, be it on gravel, slippery forest floors or icy roads thanks to its optimum grip. This is the right choice for anyone who is looking for work shoes for the winter. The sturdy nature of the S3 footwear means that they are inherently warmer. And when the temperature drops below zero, the S3 shoes help thanks to their additional CI cold insulation, e.g. the Canopus model by engelbert strauss.

S3 safety shoes by engelbert strauss

The mid models and safety boots remain warm for a long time and the temperatures inside the shoes only drop very slowly even at an outdoor temperature of minus 17°C. In contrast, anyone working on hot surfaces up to 150°C needs boots that can cope with these kinds of temperatures. Ensure they have HI thermal insulation. These work shoes can withstand high temperatures for up to 30 minutes without a problem.

Enough space for every foot size

The more rigid the design of the shoe, the tighter it may be for the toes because the shoes hardly yield. Whilst this can be compensated with more flexible materials in sport shoes, it can quickly lead to problems in safety shoes. e.g. deformations. This is why we supply S3 safety shoes in a 12 cm width for wide feet. The wide fit offers enough space and absolute freedom of movement for the toes. We even supply safety footwear up to size 52 for people with wide and large feet.

One safety class, numerous choices

Depending on the task, season and personal preferences, there are numerous possibilities for women and men with regard to protective equipment in the S3 safety category. Be it casual safety shoes in a sneaker style with a rotary fastener and toe cap, durable safety shoes with antistatic properties in the mid variant in a 12 cm width or thick safety boots for the winter – you will find exactly the right work clothes to meet your needs at engelbert strauss.

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