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• Anti-Slip (SRA/SRB/SRC)
• Closed heel area
• Energy absorption in the heel area (E)

• Composite & steel toe cap
• Fuel resistance of the sole (FO)
• Antistatic properties (A)

ideal for walking a lot at work

comfortable and light safety trainers by engelbert strauss

Safety Trainers

Safety Classes

Safety Trainers: working in style

When thinking about safety footwear, bulky and heavy boots probably come to mind. However, in order to protect feet at work one does not necessarily have to compromise style for safety! Safety trainers are the perfect solution for everyone who likes the look of a modern sports shoe but does not want or need to spend the whole working day in heavy safety boots. The stylish and lightweight safety footwear alternatives may not look like it, but they do offer exactly the same protection and safety features as their heavier counterparts.


Sharp looks, compelling features

Footwear designed for industrial environments undergo stringent testing, right down to their last fibre. They are tested and certified for all possible requirements. Shoes that pass the tests fulfil the European standard for safety footwear: EN ISO 20345. Our range of trainers offers all the safety features you might require across safety classes S1, S1P, S2 and S3.

Whether it is steel toe caps, aluminium toe caps or composite toe caps and midsoles, waterproof yet breathable membranes, slip resistant outer soles, antistatic properties or even completely metal-free designs, our safety trainers are a great and comfortable alternative to conventional boots without any compromises.

So which protection level is the right one? Learn more about the safety classes of our trainers. Overview of the safety classes S1, S1P, S2 and S3:

  • Toe cap
  • closed heel area
  • energy absorption in the heel area (E)
  • anti-slip (SRA/SRB/SRC)
  • oil and petrol resistant sole (FO)
  • antistatic properties (A)

like S1 plus

  • puncture resistant sole (P)

like S1P plus

  • WRU (upper part of the shoes are resistant to water penetration and water absorption for at least 60 minutes)

like S2 plus

  • profiled outsole

Weighing up your footwear options: light vs heavy

Compared to other safety footwear, trainers are much lighter and therefore more comfortable in the long term whilst offering the benefits of everyday toe cap protection. Our lightweight safety trainers can easily be mistaken for conventional trainers and sports footwear. This makes them the obvious choice for young tradespeople who would like to combine their individual style with lightweight and durable shoes that offer toe cap protection, slip resistant outsoles and high breathability. Our safety trainers are also ideal for professionals who are permanently on the move working in warehouses, large stores, for workers in and out of construction sites or those who just want to be more flexible and comfortable than with safety boots. They can even be worn for outdoor adventures without anyone noticing that they are safety shoes.

safety trainers are comfortable and lightweight

Always on the go

A lot of walking and running is not only fatiguing, but it also increases the risk of injuries. That is why all of our safety trainers confirm to SRA, SRB or SRC to guarantee a good grip and safety in every possible situation. And it gets even more convenient: our steel toe cap trainers Baham for example, are equipped with the new rotary fastener technology. Without using conventional laces or annoying straps they are easy to put on and take off and can be adjusted individually for a perfect comfortable fit. Additionally they are, like most of our safety trainers, suitable for orthopaedic insole wearers.

It's a matter of taste

What is it going to be: traditional and reliable but heavy leather boots or lightweight and breathable trainers which are just as sturdy? Both offer high-quality protective features and are equally viable as your personal choice of safety shoes. So, if you like the idea, you can be sure that our great range of safety trainers will complete your stylish engelbert strauss safety workwear outfit from head to toecap.

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