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Leather work gloves

Ideal for tough tasks: leather work gloves offer optimum protection from mechanical loads and slight heat. The gloves are durable, tear-proof and robust, and have proven their worth for heavy-duty work over many years thanks to their breathability and comfort. Also suitable for handling moisture, grease and oils in some cases.

What are the pros and cons of leather gloves?


  • Good mechanical protection
  • A natural product that is highly durable
  • Good wet grip
  • Resistant to heat


  • Loose fit
  • Little dexterity

What differences are there between the different types of leather?

engelbert strauss has a large range of premium quality leather work gloves.

But not all leather is alike: be it real leather, full-grain leather, full leather, cracked leather or nappa leather – each material has its own advantages and is therefore suitable for different tasks:

Real leather work gloves

  • wear-resistant
  • durable and tear-resistant
  • good mechanical protection
  • for heavy-duty tasks

Full-grain leather / full leather gloves

Full-grain leather, also called full leather, the upper most valuable layer of the hide. The original fur side is easily recognisable thanks to its natural, smooth surface.

  • resistant to oil, grease and moisture
  • highly durable and wear-resistant
  • very strong and supple – for tasks that require dexterity

Cracked leather gloves

In cracked leather, the upper grain layer is removed in a splitting process. This middle layer of the hide stands out thanks to its rough velour texture.

  • resistant to heat and cold
  • good hand protection thanks to excellent wear-resistance

Nappa leather gloves

  • soft structure and good dexterity
  • ideal for all work that requires finesse

What are the right leather work gloves?

Leather work gloves can be used for a wide range of tasks, be it assembly gloves, protective gloves for general construction, storage and transport work, leather gloves for professional drivers, haulage companies, warehouses and logistics or cut protection gloves for working safely with chainsaws – we guarantee that you will find what you need in the engelbert strauss shop! There are also winter gloves in different materials for working in the cold weather – these are specially designed for various work requirements and offer thermal protection for the hands.

Our application recommendation helps you to find the perfect protective gloves for your field of work. The points system is shown on the product page for each glove type:

Do you know precisely what it is that your gloves need to be able to do? You can use the glove filter to look through our entire range according to these requirements! Simply tick the various boxes, for instance size, material or protection norm, and browse through the results. You can also filter here directly according to application recommendations:

What norms are there for gloves?

Be it coarse debris, molten cast iron, caustic chemicals or working in sub-zero temperatures: anyone who works hard needs to protect their hands. engelbert strauss has an extensive range of gloves for various application purposes – certified and tested to standardised regulations. EN ISO 374, EN 388 or the EN 511 – what norms do you need to observe for your application? We make it easy to check through the norms for gloves!

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