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A strong grip or greater dexterity? Protection against
chemicals or mechanical risks? Perhaps all of the above?
engelbert strauss has gloves for all safety requirements
and application fields. With clever filter options and
practical decision aids, you can find the gloves best
suited to your daily support and protection needs!

So many different norms and materials – but which ones are relevant for your task?
We bring shine a light on it all – simply click for more information!

An overview of the most important standards for work gloves:

EN 388:2016 Mechanical risks

Protection gloves of this standard need to protect against physical and mechanical loads such as wear, cuts, puncturing, tearing or felling cuts. These loads can occur when working with metal or wood or any other tasks where hands need to be protected against mechanical injury. Also, they must comply with the regulations relating to electrical conductivity of protection gloves.

Protection gloves for mechanical risks must satisfy at least one of the test criteria listed in the table.

The puncture-resistant work gloves by Engelbert Strauss satisfy the strictest safety standards.

Protective gloves are tested against a number of criteria. The assessment criteria reached within the respective test criteria are stated on the pictogram on the product page.

The higher the figures, the better are the results.
x = no test under this criteria.

Brief overview - what material for what purpose?

Select a category:


All application values at a glance


Points system based on past values


Finding the right gloves is child's play

Click and see – how to find the perfect glove

There are many different demands placed on work
gloves – and whatever they are used for, they need
to be able to withstand a lot! Our application
recommendation helps you to easily find the perfect
glove for your task. The points system is shown on
the product page of each glove.

The assessment of our protection gloves is always based on the
same criteria: Assessments range from 0 points = not suitable to
5 points = highly suitable. The higher the number of points, the
better suited the gloves are for this field.


Our points-based assessment does not represent a legally binding
statement about the actual suitability. For the best information
about the respective gloves, please see the valid EN standard and
the test indicator codes that are assigned to each work glove.


Filter according to your own criteria


Apply points system to the entire range


Sort results according to your query

Filter all gloves according to your requirements

You know exactly what your gloves need to be able to
do – the glove filter allows you to sort our entire range
according to these precise requirements! Simply assign
points in the individual areas and browse through the results.

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