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Winterjacken für Arbeit und mehr von engelbert strauss


e.s. Winter jackets – well protected through the cold season!

Bitter cold, icy winds, snow and sub-zero temperatures – the winter can be hard. Whilst snowflake-covered scenes and falling snow may be pretty, it is very tough on the body for anyone who has to work outside for several hours. High temperatures and extreme cold puts enormous pressure onto our organisms. People sweat to cool down and shiver to warm up, but that’s all, so the garments need to do the rest, and should therefore be selected carefully!

Good winter jackets need to protect the sensitive upper body from the cold, wet and wind. engelbert strauss has a number of different models that use various production techniques and materials depending on the circumstances and requirements. With just a few targeted questions, you can easily find the right work jacket; we help with these step-by-step instructions!

What kinds of jackets are there?

A winter jacket is not just a winter jacket. You will find a large selection of very different models with various functions online. This overview helps you select the right model:

Winter jackets for men, women and children

In addition to men’s winter jackets, engelbert strauss also supplies some special women’s winter jackets – in several colours and a individual design. For instance, the Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020 for women has a more tailored design and in feminine colours, such as stone/lavender and platinum/capri. There are also cool jackets for children from a number of collections, such as e.s.motion 2020, or e.s.motion ten, allowing even the little ones to look like their parents – the perfect family outfit!

3 in 1 functional jacket

Nomen est omen: The 3 in 1 functional jacket incorporates the onion principle. Outside, a sporty weatherproof functional jacket, including a fleece inner jacket that can also be worn separately. Ideal if you keep alternating between indoors and outdoors at work, or the outer temperatures rise during the day. It also acts as between-season jacket at the same time!

Softshell jacket

Softshell is a versatile material and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. All softshell jackets have a good insulation function. Winter softshell jackets by engelbert strauss however keep the wearer very warm and withstand even the toughest of sub-zero temperatures. Here, too, engelbert strauss uses a string lining such as ISOFILL®. This means that the jacket is very warm whilst also remaining lightweight and breathable at the same time.

Winter high-vis jacket

Secure warmth: Even in the winter, high-visibility is not just mandatory for some professions but essential for survival. For instance, for persons that work close to flowing traffic – it is absolutely essential to be highly visible. This is why engelbert strauss also offers winter jackets with a high-visibility function, in some case in different colours, e.g. the high-vis Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020.

Winter parka

A classic coat is not suitable for outdoor action because it is too inflexible and not as resistant to weather. Anyone who still prefers the long winter look with find the parka to be a good alternative. The Winter parka also offers something that coats can’t: thanks to ISOFILL® 300 it has an extremely warm lining, an extremely waterproof dryplexx® membrane and is reliably windproof. The length of the parka protects the sensitive kidney area.

What functions should my jacket have?

As autumn comes to an end, between-season jackets are no longer adequate. Anyone who needs workwear will opt for a winter jacket instead of a coat. And the winter jackets by engelbert strauss can do a lot more than just protecting the wearer from the cold. Ultimately, lower temperatures are not the only challenges people working outdoors in the winter face. An overview of the most important functions of the e.s. Winter jackets are provided here:

das Zwiebelprinzip - Funktionskleidung von engelbert strauss

Protection against the wet

Does everything good come from above? Anyone who works outdoors a lot has reason to doubt this theory. In particular, rain can be very unpleasant in the cold season. Nobody likes wearing wet clothes and there is also a risk of hypothermia which can be extremely dangerous. Many winter jackets by engelbert strauss are therefore waterproof – this is ensured by the dryplexx® membrane which does not allow any moisture to penetrate the material layers of the jacket. In this way, the e.s. 3 in 1 functional jacket also offers reliable protection against the wet.

People who know that they will not be exposed to heavy rain only need a water-repellent jacket like the Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020: water droplets simply pearl off the water-repellent material. It also offers reliable protection against moisture to a certain degree – e.g. morning fog or light precipitation. However, anyone who is exposed for a longer period to the wet or heavy rain showers should opt for a waterproof jacket like the Winter functional pilot jacket e.s.motion denim or a rain jacket worn over appropriately warm clothing.


Winter work jackets should keep you warm, obviously, but they shouldn’t make you sweat excessively, and that can happen quickly if you move around at lot at work. If you usually carry out strenuous work in your jacket, you should ensure that it is breathable; this is the only way to ensure that the produced body heat within the jacket is transferred to the outside. Most of the engelbert strauss winter jackets are able to do this thanks to e.g. an dryplexx® membrane like the Winter softshell jacket has: this ensures that excess heat and the moisture produced is transported outwards immediately and that no excess cold air can penetrate the inside.

Breathability can be achieved by means of certain fabric functions. The windbreaker knitted-hood jacket e.s.motion ten has lightweight lined sleeves that are not only flexible but are also warm, breathable and wind-repellent. The padded quilted inside keeps the torso reliably warm.


To ensure that the wearer is warm in the jacket, and also stays this way, insulation is the most important function of a winter jacket. This is primarily realised by means of the lining. Here, engelbert strauss uses various materials to provide the optimum solution for a wide range of application areas. Therefore, when selecting your jacket, keep this point in the back of your mind: will I be moving around a lot? In this case, ensure that the insulation is also breathable to prevent heat build-up. In case of physical exertion, it is decisive that the jacket keeps the wearer warm and protects the body from the cold surroundings.

What features does my winter jacket need?

As far as a winter jacket for work is concerned, there is more to it than just keeping warm. The jacket also needs to be a reliable helper at work on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the area you work in, you should ensure it has the following features:


Every winter jacket needs a hood – ultimately it offers additional protection against the cold and icy draughts. Most models have a detachable hood and size-adjustment features for an excellent fit. On some jackets, e.g. the e.s. 3 in 1 functional jacket, the hood can also be stowed in the neck.


Practical for stowing all kinds of tools you need every day at work: you often can’t have enough pockets. Be it side pockets, spacious pockets or Napoleon pockets – all engelbert strauss jacket models have plenty of practical storage space. The Pilot jacket e.s.image is also a real pocket wonder: from the breast pocket through several inside pockets, this winter jacket has a large amount of storage space.

Cold protection

The essential cold protection of a real winter jacket is achieved with the lining and outer material. The models by engelbert strauss are often equipped with additional features that also protect you in sub-zero temperatures: for instance, the warm quilted lining of the softshell jacket e.s.motion also has an additional thermo-reflective zone in the back. The Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020 has a chin protector so that the front zip can be closed safely up to below the chin to protect the sensitive neck area from the cold. Elastic cuffs like those on the Winter jacket e.s.motion ten reliably prevents cold wind on the arms penetrating the inside of the jacket. And the 3 in 1 functional jacket e.s.motion 2020 also has an additional, detachable inside jacket that provides more warmth in the cold season. In addition to all features and lining properties, you should of course also ensure that the jacket is the right length to protect areas of the body that are susceptible to the cold, like the kidneys.


Dark when you get up and dark when you get home – the winter is a fairly dismal season which is why it is so important to remain visible. Some e.s. jackets (e.g. the Softshell jacket e.s.motion, the 3 in 1 functional jacket e.s.motion 2020 and the Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020) are therefore equipped with reflective piping to raise visibility in the dark.

In some jobs, visibility is essential for survival and high-vis is therefore mandatory. Here, too, engelbert strauss has an attractive solution for cold days: the high-vis Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020 has 3M Scotchlite™ reflector material that reflects light particularly well. Lined with warm ISOFILL® 200 and equipped with breathable dryplexx® membrane, it offers optimum high-vis for the winter.

What lining is suitable for my purpose?

The lining defines the function of the winter jacket: to provide reliable protection against the cold. engelbert strauss jackets are filled with different materials. This impacts on how the jacket functions:


ISOFILL® is a textile alternative to down: ultra-fine microfibres that save air and shield the body from penetrating cold without compromising on breathability. ISOFILL® is available in three different thermal levels – from 100 to 300. For instance, the Winter softshell jacket is very warm thanks to ISOFILL® 300.

ISOFILL®: Ultrafeine Mikrofasern, die Luft speichern und den Körper gegen eindringende Kälte abschotten
Fleece lining

Fleece is a very cuddly functional material that protects against the cold. The roughened surface ensures a fleecy comfort and keeps the wearer reliably warm. Fleece dries quickly and can be washed easily. engelbert strauss uses fleece lining e.g. in the shape of faux fur in the Winter jacket e.s.motion ten: here, the thick-pile fleece is used as to line the inside and the hood. In the e.s. 3 in 1 functional jacket, the cuddly fleece inside jacket ensures reliable thermal protection below the weatherproof outer jacket.

… and finally: complete the outfit!

A good winter jacket alone is not enough. Anyone working outdoor in cold temperatures should also think about the rest of their body when selecting their garments. For instance, round off your winter outfit in a strauss look:

Winter work gloves

The engelbert strauss online shop stocks a wide range of work gloves for very different application areas. Winter work gloves must be certified to the European norm 511:2006 and protect the hands against the biting cold and contact cold when touching cold objects. Here, there are different performance levels, whereby 4 is the highest performance level. For example, the grained leather winter Yukon glove is filled with ISOFILL® 200 that also offers performance level 3 in addition to protection against mechanical risks.

Winter shoes

Good shoes are essential in the winter. And not only to keep the feet warm! They also need strong soles with a good grip on smooth surfaces for safety reasons. A winter highlight from the engelbert strauss range are the e.s. S3 Safety boots Okomu, available in high and mid-height models. High-quality nubuk leather, warm inner lining, weatherproof functional membrane and an extremely non-slip rubber / PUR sole make Okomu the perfect winter boots.

Winter hats

Warm, stylish, functional: the right hat rounds off your winter outfit. You will find various models for your work online: from the weatherproof cotton touch hat to the neon knitted hat made of reflective 3M Scotchlite ™ material through to cool winter hats made of warm FIBERtwin® microfleece.

Functional underwear

When things get cold outside, what you wear underneath is very important. Be it shirts, long-sleeves or long-pants: functional underwear by engelbert strauss is sorted according to the e.s. clima concept that offers optimum thermal protection whatever the temperature. For instance, you can select the warm underwear to match your physical activity and outside temperature – from light to warm to x-warm.

So that you do not need to search a long time for matching additions for your outfit, simply take a look at the Mix & Match proposals on the product detail side: this is where great combination options and matching additional articles are listed. You can also use the function ‘Find alternatives’ to simply browse through similar products and compare the article properties with each other.

Do you usually work in a team? Then looking the same is probably important to you! Winter jackets by engelbert strauss are not only available in various colour combinations for a wide range of professions, they also come in a wide range of sizes for women and men – perfect for kitting out each individual so that everyone in the team can express themselves according to their preferences. Also, personalisation with your company logo is worthwhile for a perfect team look. Simply read the information on the engelbert strauss logo service website – it really is child’s play!

Logoservice von engelbert strauss: besticken und bedrucken von Arbeitskleidung
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