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New possibilities for order & transport


A revolution, every time things click into place. Because not just the boxes are clicked in here: Tools and laptop bags and backpacks expand the system, flexible adapters open new doors for your transport and order solutions. Individually equipped thanks to the many accessories: See here what is possible!

STRAUSSbox Adapter

Stacking and connecting, with one another or with boxes of other manufacturers, as a mobile workplace or permanent station for your shelf ideas: The adapters in the system mean you are more flexible than ever before!

STRAUSSbox Boxes

Various sizes, from mini to X-Large, can be combined variably, and can be stacked and opened together: There is space for everything in the STRAUSSboxes!

STRAUSSbox Color

Embrace color with the STRAUSSbox Midi, Midi+, and Large in the Color Edition, and select your perfect combination from 7 colors for handles and fasteners.


New in the system: Laptop bags, tool bags and backpacks for docking the STRAUSSboxes. This keeps tools and equipment securely together.

STRAUSSbox Accessories

Equipped to meet your needs: Tool boards, foam inserts, carts, tool boxes – make the STRAUSSboxes your system!

138 Products
138 Products

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