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e.s. Hammer carrier
e.s. Hammer carrier
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Strauss Hammers



What’s the one thing no tool case can do without? A hammer of course! The hammer dates back thousands of years and the original hammer – essentially a stone or hammerstone – is one of the oldest tools in the world. Over time its design has been refined, both technically and also from a visual point of view. Today, there are a large number of different types of hammers available. The Strauss online shop stocks a wide range of premium hammers for a variety of tasks and trades. Read on to find out everything you need to know about selecting the right hammer, suitable applications, storage and matching accessories.

What hammer do I need?

Hammers have a distinctive shape and their function is also clear: they are used to strike a variety of surfaces and also to split or destroy materials. To achieve perfect results at work, the hammer must meet the relevant requirements. For instance, a bricklayer cannot work properly with a forging hammer and, equally, a blacksmith cannot do much with a mason’s hammer. When it comes to choosing your hammer, always bear your own requirements in mind.

Fitter’s hammer – the universal all-rounder

The fitter’s hammer is the most conventional model and is ideal for universal tasks, such as hammering nails or locksmith’s work. Its shape is defined by DIN norm 1041 and has remained unchanged for almost 100 years: the head of the hammer has a square face and the peen is tapered. For instance, the e.s. Fitter’s hammer classic has a carefully forged head made of high-grade steel with a premium hickory handle. Hickory is a very hard and durable wood – it ensures a robust and sturdy product. Users can select the wooden hammer they need from a range of six available sizes.

Those preferring a rubber-coated handle will find a reliable partner in the e.s. Fitter’s hammer ultimate, for example. The handle has an almost indestructible graphite/glass-fibre core and sits securely and comfortably in the hand, thanks to an ergonomically shaped backing layer made of polypropylene and a non-slip soft-grip zone. There are no unexpected surprises – the extremely durable handle is securely attached to the high-grade steel hammer head.

Fitter’s hammer

For wood experts – the roofing hammer

Be it carpenters, roofers, joiners or cabinetmakers – they all need reliable equipment for working with wood. For instance, the e.s. Roofing hammer classic has a cool hammer head painted in black with a roughened face that prevents slipping during hammering. Thanks to the precisely finished claw and spike, it is possible to affix a nail for hammering or simply pull it out of wood. One special detail: the magnetic nail holder, which makes hammering much easier. The black plastic handle offers a secure hold and a stable steel ring ensures improved protection of the handle.

For professionals that want to make more of their timber: the e.s. Master hammer “Leather” is more than a classic roofing hammer, it is the perfect extension of the arm! Crafted from a single piece of metal, it meets the highest demands – for maximum strength and optimum impact transmission. The full-steel hammer has a roughened face with a magnetic nail holder and stands out thanks to its extreme durability. The multilayer special leather handle not only looks good, it also offers a unique sense of grip. You may find it difficult to put down!

the roofing hammer

Heavy metal: the club hammer

The club hammer is highly suitable for chiselling, demolition and metal work. The heavy weight of the wooden hammer releases forces that are transferred to the workpiece through two flat, square impact surfaces, for example a chisel. The e.s. Club hammer classic comes in two sizes, so you can finish heavy-duty tasks very easily. The head is made of high-grade steel and is permanently attached to the high-quality hickory handle. More power for your project!

the club hammer

Soft-faced hammer and rubber hammer: for sensitive materials

It is important to select a suitable tool when processing sensitive materials. The Halder soft-faced hammer Simplex with its durable malleable iron casing and wooden handle is an ideal choice. Thanks to its two different impact inserts, it offers full flexibility: one impact surface is made of a medium-hard, black rubber composite; the other is made of white, medium-hard super plastic. The hammer can be used for the careful processing of paving stones or assembly, e.g. scaffolding elements. Both head ends can be replaced very easily – we recommend ordering the spare inserts at the same time!

rubber hammer

Heavy duty: the sledgehammer

Weighing 5 kilograms, this sledgehammer is a force to be reckoned with and is ideally suited to demolition work or hammering posts. The hammer head has a cleanly forged face with a flat, square and tapered impact surface. For safety: the head is permanently attached to the indestructible 3-component handle with its glass-fibre core and soft-grip zone – for a striking success!

The mason’s hammer leaves no stone unturned

Anyone who works with stones every day knows that durability is not just an added bonus. With its sturdy steel tube handle coated with plastic, the e.s. Mason’s hammer GS is a reliable partner. The durable steel ring ensures a secure connection to the “Berlin” head of this mason’s hammer, which has a nail-puller on the side and an impact surface that is sanded flat for precise destruction and modification of stones.

e.s. Mason’s hammer GS

In addition to these models, the Strauss online shop also stocks a forging hammer and a welder’s hammer. All hammers are made of high-grade materials in an excellent finish. The ratio of the weight of the head to the handle means that the hammer is perfectly balanced, sits well in the hand and can be used comfortably all day.

welder’s hammer

Some safety advice!

Before and during work, always observe the general safety instructions to avoid damage and ensure that you can enjoy your high-quality hammer for a long time:

  • First check what hammer size and type you require for the task at hand. Always observe the information relating to each hammer; for instance, not every hammer may come into contact with hot materials or be used in potentially explosive areas
  • Always check the hammer before and during use to ensure it is not damaged and that the head and handle are connected securely. Do not use damaged or worn impact tools!
  • Wear protective equipment at work, such as goggles and safety gloves, to keep yourself safe
  • Only use the hammer and its designated surfaces as intended. Avoid rebounds, if possible
  • Store your hammer in a suitable place. In particular, hammers with wooden handles should be kept somewhere that is neither too warm and dry, nor too damp to prevent impairment of the grip

Suitable accessories for my hammer

What is the one thing every new hammer must be? That’s right, reliable when used a lot. In order to keep your hands free at work, we recommend Strauss work trousers, such as the Holster work trousers e.s.vintage. They are made of tough canvas and feature an integrated hammer loop, so you can keep your hammer to hand and your hands empty. Those preferring other trouser models can simply upgrade them with a separate tool bag or a tool belt with a hammer loop. You can choose between coarse leather or durable polyester. Purists can also choose a simple hammer holder with a bracket or a single hammer loop made of leather that can be attached to the belt.

Strauss work trousers, such as the Holster work trousers e.s.vintage. They are made of tough canvas and feature an integrated hammer loop

Of course, your new hammer needs a comfortable home where it can be kept dry and stored safely. How about a tool case? There are numerous options to choose from in the Strauss online shop – be it the retro variant made of calf’s leather, the classic metal tool box through to a mobile version in a durable hard case with easy-running rollers. A great tip: the e.s. Boxx offers flexible storage thanks to its many inserts and expansion options.

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