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Fleecejacken für Herren von engelbert strauss


Be it a wet autumn day in the workshop or a cool summer morning on scaffolding – fleece jackets are reliable garments for indoor and outdoor use all-year-round. Fleece keeps the wearer warm and is also extremely light and comfortable. In addition, when work gets strenuous, this breathable material balances the temperature to a pleasant level and keeps the wearer dry from the inside. The engelbert strauss online shop has a huge range of fleece jackets. Select the right one for you and find out everything you need to know about the material, its properties, combination options and correct care.

What is fleece?

Fleece is made of 100 % polyester and is the number one material for protection against the cold. It is primarily created with a roughened surface that is pleasantly soft on the skin. The fine synthetic fibres capture a lot of air and are therefore able to store the wearer’s body heat whilst also regulating the climate. At the same time, they are extremely lightweight. Fleece is durable, easy-care and fast-drying: even after a rain shower on the building site, the jacket is ready to wear again the next morning. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for all outdoor activities!

Which jacket is right for me?

Fleece is not just fleece. As a general rule, the thicker the fleece, the warmer it is; however, there are many more differences than just the thickness of the material. The range spans from microfleece to high-pile faux fur; from functional to premium fleece; and each different variant meets different criteria.

Light, lighter, microfleece

In principle, all fleece jackets by engelbert strauss stand out thanks to the fact that they are lightweight; however, textiles with dryplexx® micro features are extremely light, like the microfleece jacket dryplexx® micro. Despite its light weight, the modern jacket style offers reliable warmth thanks to the air cushions created in the fleece pile. The climate-regulating material is also wind-repellent and protects against the chill and draughts.

Fresh as a daisy thanks to the balanced temperature

Moving heavy things upstairs and downstairs – some days at work are as strenuous as a visit to the gym. Anyone who works hard needs a jacket that can balance the temperature efficiently to remain dry and fresh at all times. The engelbert strauss products from the FIBERtwin® ISOLATION series have a special surface structure and open-pore fibres that, in combination, offer excellent breathability properties whilst also keeping the wearer warm. For instance, the fleece jacket e.s.motion 2020 allows fresh air in from the outside and also retains the body heat at the same time. The fast-drying jacket also has many practical details: the breast pocket, side pockets and inside pockets offer plenty of space for notes, plans, keys and lots more. And for all those who also need to protect their head against the cold, we recommend the hooded fleece jacket e.s.motion 2020 – a fleece hoody with a size-adjustable hood.

Fully knitted

Fleece jackets by engelbert strauss are warm and breathable. Anyone looking for these properties but in a sportier design will love the hybrid knitted hoody jacket e.s.motion ten. Its combination of knitted and quilted zones makes it far more than just a sweater and offers excellent flexibility. The highly elastic, fully knitted sleeves and sides offer absolute freedom of movement without compromising on the warmth and breathability offered by the padded body element. Knitted sleeves and seams, as well as a knitted hood round off this perfect mix of comfort, design and function.

Are you outdoors in all kinds of weather?

Combining your men’s fleece jacket with an additional weather protection layer from engelbert strauss ensures that you are completely protected against even the strongest of winds. There are also fleece jacket models that offer reliable protection against the wind even without a further layer, for instance the functional fleece jacket dryplexx® wind. This strong material is windproof and yet breathable – making sure that you will never freeze. The open-pore structure always balances the temperature keeping it at a pleasant level. Thanks to a Teflon® coating, all dirt and water are repelled from the surface. Practical pockets, a front zip with inside all-weather strip and a drawstring on the waist round off this wind protection garment.

Warm and flexible – is that possible?

Anyone who works outdoors in the cold needs to wear warm gear but, at the same time, wants to be able to move freely. Fleece jackets by engelbert strauss manage this effortlessly. The jacket thermaflor e.s.dynashield has 4-way stretch material making it extremely elastic in all directions. Thanks to the FIBERtwin® thermaflor material, it has a water-repellent coating on the outside whilst a thick faux fur core on the inside keeps the wearer pleasantly warm regardless of how cold it is. The bXeric® double weave trimmings are also highly durable.

All fleece jackets in the engelbert strauss online shop are available in many different colours and sizes. In addition to models for men, you will also find women’s fleece jackets and fleece jackets for children.

How do I look after my fleece jacket correctly?

In principle, fleece jackets can simply be washed in the washing machine, although there are a few points that you should keep in mind to prevent pilling and felting. First of all, always follow the instructions on the care label in the jacket about recommended cleaning. Empty all pockets, close all zips and turn the jacket inside out before washing. Do not use a softening agent because this can cause the fibres to adhere and impacts on its breathability properties. If possible, select a programme with a low spin cycle. After washing, we recommend hanging the jacket up and allowing it to dry in the air – this will ensure that your favourite jacket will remain in good shape for a long time.

How do I combine my fleece jacket?

Due to its good insulating and temperature-balancing properties, the fleece and knitted jackets form an ideal thermal layer for functional workwear. Penetrating wind is blocked and the body and muscles do not become chilled. Whilst they store the body’s own heat, the thermal layer transports moisture outside to the next layer. But what is suitable for the weather protection layer, and what base can be best combined with the fleece jacket?

The right garments for underneath

Be it a T-shirt, polo-shirt or long-sleeve functional garments are the best option as a base layer. They lie directly on the skin, absorb moisture reliably and transport it efficiently away from the body. Even when work is as strenuous as sport, they keep the wearer dry. In combination with the fleece jacket, they form an unbeatable team!

Ready to face any kind of weather

The fleece jacket needs a weather protection layer to cope with heavy weather conditions. This layer absorbs the moisture from the layers below and transports them to the surface where they can evaporate. Be it in the shape of a softshell bodywarmer or rain coat: at engelbert strauss you will find many matching combination options for your new favourite jacket online. The Mix & Match function on the respective product page helps you to find the perfect outfit quickly, allowing your fleece jacket to become a real outdoor all-rounder whatever the season.

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