motion ten offers just the right balance of
workwear and casual wear. Garments are
neither too tight nor too wide. 46 % cotton in
combination with Cordura®Nyco & T400
Stretch make this possible: Despite the sporty,
tapered style, all garments are unbelievably
comfortable with great freedom of movement!

It is hard to believe that motion ten are
pure work trousers. Thanks to the high
percentage of cotton and special wash,
the material feels much lighter, but is
much more robust than normal worker
materials – thanks to Cordura®Nyco!

The tonal details make
motion ten very laid back
with an understated look.
But despite this: the
engelbert strauss DNA is
recognizable in every fibre.

motion ten is inspired by nature.
The subtle earthy colours can be used
universally in many trades, but make
the wearer look good in the urban jungle
even after work.

We have reinterpreted our proven pocket concept
for motion ten and have also included practical
systems and solutions.

Motion ten is made for modern work
days. There is now enough space in
the practical but stylish motion ten
bags for the gadgets and documents
that accompany us during the day.

Narrow style, softer material - jackets that are lighter with more freedom of movement than ever before: the e.s.motion ten simply needed to be designed for upcoming workers.