E.S. Ventura


Casual lightness

Cargo trousers, incredibly airy and comfortable, shirts made of highly functional Modal fabric. Discover casual cargo styles in our vintage collection in a completely new design. Just right for people who are always on the go!


E.S. ventura vintage

Very fine material

With a material weight of just 170 g/m², this fabric is elastic but durable. This is the lightest e.s. Workwear ever!

Sporty design

With elastic hems at the bottom of the legs and asymmetrically positioned elements and seams. Even full pockets are not problem when the wearer sits down, which is highly practical for drivers.

Unique wash effect

The cargo trousers are made of untreated raw material; the fabric is only dyed after they have been sewn together to create an inimitable used look. This makes every pair of ventura trousers a unique garment!


E.S. ventura vintage

Comfortable material

Lightweight, cooling, breathable, fast-drying. The silky smooth surface remains even when the garment is worn for a long time because our Modal-shirts are non-iron and easy-care.


E.S. ventura vintage

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