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Ear Plugs: Hearing protection earplugs Free II EN 352-2
Ear Plugs: Hearing protection earplugs Free II EN 352-2
Ear Plugs: Hearing protection earplugs Free II EN 352-2 2

Hearing protection earplugs Free II EN 352-2

£ 119.88
plus shipping
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from 3 items:
£ 113.88
Delivery time approx. 5-10 working days
Hearing protection earplugs Free II EN 352-2
£ 119.88
inc VAT
plus shipping

Ultra-light Bluetooth earphones with real wireless technology. Developed to reduce noise and make work as pleasant as possible.
Extremely flat and subtle, these hearing protectors are ideal for a wide range of tasks. Packed safely and always charged with the practical storage box. The perfect choice for at home or on the building site. Thanks to the exchangeable attachments (Trilogy foam for ear protection acc. to EN 352-2:2020) or silicon attachment for enjoying music without additional ear protection.
SNR: 31 dB (H: 30 dB / M: 29 dB / L: 27 dB)
  • EN 352-2:2020 / EN 352-9:2020 / EN 352-10:2020
  • dust, water and sweat-resistant certified to IP45
  • True Wireless technology with Bluetooth 5.2
  • The earplug batteries run for approx. 7 hours
  • 15 extra hours with the storage box
  • aptX HiFi-Audio with noise suppression for pleasant use of the telephone
  • SafeMaxTM Volume limit at 79 dB
  • Siri/Google Voice compatible
  • OSHA-conform
Included in delivery: 3 pairs of TRILOGY earpieces made of foam, S, M, L (for hearing protection), 3 pairs of double-flange earpieces made of silicon, USB-C charging cable 1x storage box with battery and charging function
Check the earplugs for deformation or damage every time before use. The integrity of the earplugs is decisive for correct ear protection. We recommend replacing the earplugs about every 3 months depending on frequency of use.
The wearer should also ensure the following:
  • The earplugs are mounted, set and serviced in line with the manufacturer's instructions as stated in the manual supplied with the product.
  • The earplugs are securely attached to the ISOtunes product and must be worn correctly in loud environments.

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