Perfect equipment for optimised processes:
Efficiency is the watchword of the industry.
How efficient a special item of clothing can be for industrial
businesses is demonstrated by the new collection e.s.industry.
Suitable for industrial laundry, ideal for processing and
with concealed fasteners to protect against scratches on
workpieces and products.

What do you need for a smooth production process?
Optimised and reduced workflows. The design of the new e.s.industry is therefore kept as simple as possible. Only the most important pockets, no unnecessary features. Practical, rugged and
a comfortable fit!

The new e.s.industry withstands rough conditions.
After a hard shift, it’s simple: Just put it in a hot wash!
Industrial cleaning or household wash at up to 75 ° C
– extremely straightforward.
Suitable for dryer and finisher.

Perfect for hot days:
New functional shirts with built-in sun protection. Our T-shirts and Polos are highly breathable, quick drying and extremely rugged - like all items in the e.s.industry range - ideal for printing & embroidery as well as for industrial laundry.


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