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Functional work trousers e.s.dynamic
Functional work trousers e.s.dynamic
Functional work trousers e.s.dynamic
Ladies' work trousers e.s.motion 2020
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Professional appearance: Your CI, perfectly presented!

We personalise your uniform team outfit with high-quality printing & embroidery - directly in one order!

Whether you want to embroider your employees' names or simply add your logo: Tell us your ideas and we will create your personalised style.

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Even after many years, our collections are still available. Benefit from the long availability of the collections and secure your personal company style over the long-term.

Our products can be combined with each other like in a modular system, and colour highlights always create new looks however uniform your work clothing may be.

Work trousers with enough storage space

Work trousers for men an women

Modern work trousers need to be able to do more than the classic boilersuit. They should protect the wearer, provide some storage space for tools, be comfortable, and have an active cut. Most of the engelbert strauss work trousers have a lot of pockets and knee pads. With its diverse range of collections, engelbert strauss demonstrates that the individual requirements of the various occupations can be taken into account. Where the focus is on resistance and abrasive strength, engelbert strauss offers the robust work trousers and workwear line e.s. prestige. Features, such as being tear and scrub proof, temperature-resistant, and water, dirt and oil repellent, make the e.s. prestige work trousers and workwear suitable for overcoming even the toughest demands of the job. A standardised company appearance also plays a key role alongside functionality.

As a textile calling card, engelbert strauss offers modern sporty work trousers in the e.s. classic, e.s. image, e.s. active, e.s. prestige, e.s. motion, e.s. vision and e.s. roughtough collections, which besides providing a suitable team appearance, also provide a great deal of individuality for individual employees. Just as with the building set system, the individual parts of the collection are distinguished by their colour. Thus, for example, besides work trousers, there are a whole host of work jackets, all-weather jackets, shirts, caps and a range of accessories to combine and mix up in the popular e.s. look. Even safety shoes from the e.s. brand fit into the design and colour combinations of the existing company outfit. Thus, you can source all the equipment that you need quickly and reliably from the one source, in just one order.

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