New work shoes with & without steel toe caps engelbert strauss


Coarse concrete floors, slippery metal scaffolds, sharp objects: tradesmen and women can rely 100% on the safety features of S3 safety shoes. Be it on the building site, on roofs, when working with heavy machines or when alternating between the office and the building site – S3 safety shoes protect your feet with a puncture-resistant sole and toe cap. Non-slip properties and a waterproof dryplexx® membrane are part of the e.s. standard. The new models have lots of extras: the Cebus low or mid models are made of high-quality German calf's leather and the areas subject to heavy wear are seamless to make them very durable. Free of leather and metal, but still wear-resistant and durable - this is the Zahnia mid. Anyone requiring protection against electrostatic charges should opt for the Sinope low. This model looks good and also provides ESD safety acc. to DIN EN 61340.


Ensuring you look good from top to toe at meetings or when visiting customers whilst also protecting your feet to the S1 safety standard when you need it: this is the task of the e.s. Seginus low shoes. Alternating frequently between the office, logistics or production demands that these S1 shoes are highly flexible. Thanks to the toe cap, easy-care upper material, excellent absorption properties and ESD features acc. to DIN EN 61340, they can be worn wherever unintentional triggering of metal detectors and induction loops should be avoided. The feet are ideally protected and the wearer looks good.


Work shoes are designed to allow the wearer to stand for long periods, walk long distances, be active and always on the go! With excellent absorption for the feet, non-slip properties on even the smoothest of floors, and anti-static and fuel-resistant soles, work shoes of the O2 class are ideal, if no safety standard is specified. You can rely on these shoes whatever the weather thanks to the breathable, waterproof and windproof dryplexx® membrane. Those in the know only need to touch the new model e.s. Setebos low to see how durable it is. The casual-sporty design hides the fact that these are actually work shoes. Seamless finishing, especially of areas subject to heavy wear, in excellent calf's leather from Germany, Majoris work shoes in ankle-high or semi-high models stand out thanks to their durability and great appearance.