White coats & Medical scrubs – classic garments in the medical and care sector

Tunic medical scrub denim e.s.fusion
Tunic medical scrub stripe e.s.fusion
Medical scrubs & white coats e.s. Work tunic print
Medical scrubs & white coats e.s. Work tunic print
Medical scrubs & white coats Piqué dress e.s.avida
Medical scrubs & white coats e.s. Work tunica avant
Medical scrubs & white coats e.s. Work tunica avant
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Our products can be combined with each other like in a modular system, and colour highlights always create new looks however uniform your work clothing may be.

White coats and medical scrubs

In the field of medical workwear, white coats and medical uniform scrubs are classic garments. The white coat is still the most popular garment in practices and care facilities as it conveys a hygienic appearance; however, care clothing should also look fashionable. engelbert strauss has a wide range of dynamic looking work coats, professional coats, medical scrubs and throws especially for the health sector.

A strong team with white coats from engelbert strauss

A pleasant atmosphere is extremely important in care facilities. The comfort experienced by those wearing white coats from engelbert strauss is conveyed to others. Until now, doctor’s did not have a wide selection of garments to choose from – just the white coats; but that has changed. The white coats and medical scrubs from engelbert strauss offer a range of possibilities to put together dynamic fresh-looking team outfits in this hygienic field. Numerous combination options comprising coats, work jackets, throws, nursing scrubs and practical work trousers ensure individual looks. The uniform logo also expresses the unity of the team.

Workwear for doctors reinterpreted

Medical scrubs are primarily worn in doctors’ practices and the care sector. Originally the term ‘medical scrubs’ referred to a three-quarter length ladies’ blouse. medical scrubs are actually a closed, short-arm shirt with a large V-neck. engelbert strauss has now completely reinterpreted workwear for doctors and care staff.

Medical scrubs with clever details

Made of a woven elastic material, the new medical scrubs are highly wear-resistant and easy-care. The durable material means that these garments can be washed at very high temperatures, which is essential in the hygiene sector. Clever details, such as the ventilation slits at the side and on the back, make these medical scrubs extremely comfortable to wear in the practice. The eazyfit climate technology on the back expands like an accordion and, at the same time, offers ventilation. Zips at the sides also ensure that the medical scrubs are easy to put on and take off. There is a range of colours allowing individual styles to be created in the care sector. The medical scrubs therefore combine a high level of functionality and design. You will always be on the safe side with the white coats, jackets and medical scrubs from engelbert strauss.

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