Leather forestry cut protection gloves

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  • EN 381-7 cut protection, class 0: 16 m/s
  • EN 388:2003, Mechanical risks, 3133
  • Highly visible gloves made of soft leather to guarantee an excellent grip on the chainsaw
  • Left glove with cut-protection features on the back
  • The long, snug cuff prevents twigs and dirt entering the gloves
  • Application areas: Ideal for higher-risk forestry work
  • Length: approx. 27.5 cm
  • Size 10.
Mechanical risks
Mechanical risks EN 388:2003

Protection gloves of this standard need to protect against physical and mechanical loads such as wear, cuts, puncturing, tearing or felling cuts. These loads can occur when working with metal or wood or any other tasks where hands need to be protected against mechanical injury. Also, they must comply with the regulations relating to electrical conductivity of protection gloves.

Protection gloves for mechanical risks must satisfy at least one of the test criteria listed in the table.

Testing Criteria:

Abrasion Resistance: 0-4

Cut Resistance: 0-5

Tear Resistance: 0-4

Puncture Resistance: 0-4

The higher the number (shown with an X below the icon in the example), the better the test result.

Chainsaw cut protection
Chainsaw cut protection EN 381-7:1999

Forestry cut-protection gloves of this EN standard are suitable for handling chainsaws. Serious injuries to hands are possible particularly when working with chainsaws.

Passive safety is given with a secure grip that the right protective gloves will specifically offer.

Test classes:

Klasse 0: 16 m/s chain speed

Klasse 1: 20 m/s chain speed

Klasse 2: 24 m/s chain speed

Klasse 3: 28 m/s chain speed

The higher the class, the better the test result.

  • Wear-resistant
  • Sturdy and tear-proof
  • Good mechanical protection
  • For heavy-duty work