Disposable nitrile gloves, powder-free

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  • EN ISO 374-2:2003, Chemicals and Micro Organisms
  • EN 374-3:2003 - SIMPLE, chemical risks
  • EN 455-1:2000
  • AQL 1.5
  • With rolled cuf
  • Latex-free, therefore hypoallergenic
  • Roughened palm
  • Resistant to punctures and wear, in latex or vinyl
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Application areas: Ideal for handling food, in laboratory or medical environments
  • Length: approx. 24 cm

100 items per dispenser box (size: 25.0 x 7,5 cm)

Chemical risks - simple
Chemical risks - simple EN 374-3:2003

Protection gloves marked with a test tube are liquid-tight and offer low protection against chemical risks. Also, simple chemical protection gloves offer effective protection against certain hazardous substances. However, the protection effect depends on the task and the duration of the contract with the hazardous substance.

Chemical risks - simple:

Limited protection against chemical risks. Read user guide.

Chemical risks - microorganisms
Chemical risks - microorganisms EN 374-2:2003

It is usually assumed that protection gloves that withstand penetration in the test, offer effective protection against bacteria and fungi. However, because many viruses are much smaller than bacteria and fungi, these protection gloves may offer inadequate protection in practical fields.

A protection glove that is resistant to bacteria is a watertight glove that has a maximum AQL value of 1.5 in the permeability test. The AQL value (AQL = Acceptable Quality Level) reflects a given limit or the minimum quality requirement.

In general, the lower the AQL value, the better the quality of the protection gloves.

Protection against microorganisms:

Gloves bearing this logo are resistant to various microorganisms (depends on model)


Acceptable Quality Level = procedure for determining quality. The DIN EN 455 defines a tightness value of at least 1.5 for medical disposable gloves.


Ideal for allergy sufferers.


In case of latex allergy, employers must provide latex-free gloves.


sturdy and durable disposable gloves that are pleasant to wear. Ideal for medical work and food processing sectors.