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Engelbert Strauss Help

This is where you can find all of the important information about our online shop!

Ordering if you are a new customer
As a new customer, you can order your chosen goods quickly and simply. Click the sub-headings in the product overview, find your products and place these in your basket. After making a purchase, you will be registered as a customer of engelbert strauss and will be given a customer number with your first delivery.

Ordering as a registered catalogue customer
As a registered catalogue customer, you can order the products you require directly by stating your customer number.

National shops

If you want to order from one of the following countries




The Netherlands:


Czech Republic:

United Kingdom:



please go to one of our country-specific online shops. If you would like to place an order in another country than those listed, please send your order to the German online shop and select the respective country during the order process.

To the desired item

Here you can choose from more than 30,000 items. In the top bar you can view a list of our current selection by main heading by selecting the "Products" menu option. As soon as you move your mouse pointer over the menu option, the window showing the main headings opens. If you hover over your chosen heading, a window opens on the right showing all sub-headings and detail headings. Clicking the individual headings takes you to your chosen products. As soon as you have chosen a product by clicking, you can add products to your basket on the product details page with quantities, colours and sizes if applicable.


If you want to place an order, click "ADD TO BASKET". If you want to see what is in your basket, click "Show basket" in the top right of the screen on the basket symbol. This shows an overview of your basket contents. Here you can add logos to your items, change quantities, delete selected items or view your items again.

Entry of post code for orders via

When entering the post code please ensure that you enter it correctly or otherwise your data may not be transferred correctly. A correct entry is e.g. GU14 0GT

Important: Remember to enter a space!!

Check order

If your order is correct you can click "Place Order". You can then choose to either log in and place your order as a registered user, to register as a new customer or to continue your order without registering. You will then be asked to enter your address details (for registered customers there will already be stored). You can also specify an alternative delivery address here. In order step 4 you can choose your preferred payment method, step 5 allows you to perform a final check of your order. After confirming your acceptance of our terms and conditions of business, you can place your order by clicking "BUY NOW".

Order received by us

You can check if your online order has been sent correctly via the transaction confirmation. This appears directly after you submit your order. As soon as we receive your order, we will send the order confirmation by e-mail.

Redeem voucher / promotional code

engelbert strauss vouchers always have a 16-digit code. Enter your personal voucher / promotional code into the shopping basket in order step 1. The value of the voucher will be automatically deducted from your invoice total. A voucher can only be redeemed in full - partial redemption is not possible.

The shopping basket

You can view your basket at any time. Everything that you have chosen so far can be ordered directly or deleted. Click "Place Order" to begin the order process. Watch out for products labelled with the "Logo Service". These products can be personalised with your logo or company name.

Searching for items

Use our "item search" function to find specific products, product properties or item designations. The search function has 3 search categories. If you do not know the item number, you can search using the item designation or item properties. Product suggestions for your search term will appear automatically.

Online order form

If you know what you want to order and have the article number, you can enter your order by entering this information into the order form. This online order form allows fast and simple ordering without having to browse through our Internet shop.

Logo service

Under "Service" in the dark footer you can find the option "Logo service" which provides information on advertising opportunities at engelbert strauss.

In the shopping basket you can mark the article for personalisation via "Want a logo?". In addition to other information on finishing, you can directly upload your preferred logo here. After receiving your order, one of our advisors from our embroidery and print service will contact you about your individual details, wishes and ideas.

Your advertising can be added to all products bearing this logo.

You do not need to register to order from the online shop, however personal registration has a number of benefits for you.

Time savings when placing orders

There is no need to enter your name, address and payment methods again and again. Once you have registered, your data is stored safely on our server, i.e. you save yourself a lot of time because your data has already been saved. This means that your order can be processed more quickly. If your address changes, you can amend it in the customer section. You can also change your password at any time.

Order history and parcel tracking

We store your Internet orders for 12 months. Simply click to see an overview of your past orders. You can also view the delivery status of your individual orders and can track your package by entering the package number. In addition, you can reorder past orders with just one click.

Creating and managing reminder lists

You can use the reminder list to jot down interesting items like a shopping list. If you need winter gloves in December, you can place this item on your reminder list today and call it up in December. You can use the reminder list to create your own small shop, as you can file all your favourite items from our range on your reminder list. This will save you a lot of time. The tag list contains the "Add to basket" button. This allows you to add items from the tag list directly to your basket when you want to buy them.

Newsletter service

With the free engelbert strauss newsletter you are always the first to know. Use the newsletter service to manage your newsletter subscription: Log in - Log out - Change e-mail addresses.

One account - several users

In your personal customer section you have the option of listing several users under the same customer number. The customer number is used for central administration purposes – however a personal shopping area can be created for the various ordering parties. The benefit: It is possible to customise the customer area (reminder list, order history, address administration, etc.) for each user. Despite the existing customer area, register further users via the "First registration" function and select a new username and new password. Then enter your existing customer number and invoice address. If you register as a company or a practice, you then have the opportunity of entering personal data in a final step. When you login for the first time with the new user data, please enter an existing invoice number so that your customer account / customer data can be clearly identified. This serves to protect your data and to confirm your customer number. After positive confirmation, your customer data (company name, address etc.) can be taken directly from the existing customer account. Please check this is correct in the customer area.

As a new customer you do not need a customer number for personal registration. As soon as you enter your personal data into the registration form, you will receive your username and password via e-mail. Your customer number is stated on the invoice for your first delivery.

Login not possible? These may be the reasons

1. Invoice number popup: Have you already got a webshop account and have registered for the first time again with almost identical data? This means that your new account has been 'linked' to your existing account. If you now log into the new account, you will see a popup for verification of the new account into which you should enter the invoice number of a previous order. The invoice number is stated on every invoice.

If you cannot access old invoices or if, after entering your user account, you still do not have full access, please contact our service team.

2. You may not have a user account for our shop yet, because you have always ordered anonymously or via our order hotline. Please proceed as follows to create an account:

  • Click 'Registration' in the login section
  • Complete all fields
  • Send off the registration
  • Click the confirmation link in the registration e-mail you receive
  • You will now be directed to the shop and will see an information page confirming that your registration was completed successfully
  • You can now log in using your selected user data and make full use of your personal customer area.

3. You may have entered your user name or password incorrectly. To establish your user name or reset your password, please proceed as follows:

  • Select the link 'Forgotten password?' under the login fields.
  • Enter your e-mail address that was filed when you registered.
  • You will then receive an e-mail to this address stating your user name and a link that you need to click.
  • Now you can enter the shop again and enter a new password in the designated fields.
  • To avoid spelling mistakes, copy the user name from the e-mail address into the respective login field and then login using your new password.


Simply click the engelbert strauss logo. Alternatively, you can click "Home" under "Service" in the dark footer at the bottom of the page. Both options take you to our home page.


You will find all the information needed to exchange goods here.

Here you have the option of downloading the return delivery note.

Request catalogue

Catalogue under the "Service" heading allows you to request a copy of our latest main catalogue. To get there, open the dark footer.


Here you can find the current hotline numbers and addresses; you also have the option of sending us an e-mail.


Here you can view important and relevant information about engelbert strauss, for example on training and careers with us, on trade fairs, or on our workwearstores.

General terms and conditions

You can read our general terms and conditions by clicking "Legal" in the dark footer.

Browser Information

Please ensure you activate your JAVA script. Failure to do this may lead to viewing problems and completing your shopping basket. Please enable JavaScript in your Internet Options of your Browser and use a recent browser version, otherwise it may cause display errors.

Display problems in the shop – possible solution: clear the browser cache

When you surf the web your Internet browser saves the websites you visit and their content (e.g. graphics and search entries) in a temporary memory called the cache. This speeds up many processes for you. However, if this cache is not cleared for a long while, problems may arise with some websites.

If you encounter any problems on our website, please try to clear the cache first. To do this, call up the settings in your Internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) to find the required option:


Settings > Settings > History > 'Delete browser data' > Option for select and delete 'Images and files in the cache'

Internet Explorer

Settings (Internet options) > Select tab 'General' > Select 'Delete' under browser history > Option for select and delete Temporary Internet and website files'

Google Chrome

Open menu via respective icon > Settings > History > 'Delete browser data' > Option for select and delete 'Images and files in the cache'

Please enjoy the great value, relaxed hassle-free shopping here at

Should you have any more queries or suggestions, please eMail us at:

Engelbert Strauss Ltd.

01252 607855
01252 607857
All prices plus shipping on orders below £108.00.
All prices plus VAT plus shipping on orders below £90.00.