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Long collection availability

Even after many years, our collections are still available. Benefit from the long availability of the collections and secure your personal company style over the long-term.

Our products can be combined with each other like in a modular system, and colour highlights always create new looks however uniform your work clothing may be.

Trousers e.s.motion
Trousers e.s.motion 2020
Trousers e.s.motion Winter
Softshelljacket e.s.motion
Bib & brace e.s.motion
Cargo trousers
Trousers e.s.roughtough
High-vis functional parka e.s.motion 2020
Functional trousers e.s.prestige
High-vis pilot jacket e.s.image
Trousers e.s.classic
3 in 1 functional jacket e.s.motion 2020, men's
Microfleece troyer dryplexx® micro
Jeans e.s.motion
Trousers e.s.prestige
Overalls e.s.image
Trousers e.s.image
Winter softshell jacket e.s.motion 2020, men's
e.s. Sweatshirts
Winter trousers e.s.motion 2020, men´s
Softshell Jacket dryplexx® softlight
Functional fleece jacket dryplexx® wind

Work Clothes by engelbert strauss

Work clothes for different branches

Work clothes can be found in very different areas. The focus in the building trade is more on robustness and resistance to abrasion, but in agriculture the most important feature of work clothes is weather protection and in catering, hygienic and easy-care products are of prime importance. In particular for hard working conditions, engelbert strauss has developed the robust work clothes e.s. roughtough engelbert strauss develops practical and fashionable workwear for different branches and for very different demands. The company outfit is rounded off with the appropriate safety shoes. Workwear is more than just a boiler suit which protects against dirt. Modern work clothes function as textile business cards intended to make a positive first impression on a client. engelbert strauss specialises in the development of work-fashion based on a clothing system.

Work clothes and a lot of combination articels

Structured around trousers and bib & braces, the specialist for professional work clothes is consistently extending their selection with appropriate combination articles. This permits the maximum possible individuality to suit a company's CI. In addition to professional work clothes, engelbert strauss also provides a comprehensive selection of accessories and tools. By focussing on branch-specific requirements, engelbert strauss has made it their task to supply the appropriate equipment for each trade. In this way, for example, a carpenter can order their new trousers together with accessories such as belt and nail bags, appropriate tools and also the appropriate respirator masks.

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