Safety Boots with toe cap offer the best protection

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Long collection availability

Even after many years, our collections are still available. Benefit from the long availability of the collections and secure your personal company style over the long-term.

Our products can be combined with each other like in a modular system, and colour highlights always create new looks however uniform your work clothing may be.

S3 safety boots Augsburg
e.s. S3 Safety boots Alrakis mid
e.s. S3 Safety boots Leporis Prints
e.s. S3 Safety boots Kastra mid
e.s. S3 Safety boots Polaris high
S3 Safety boots Salzburg
S3 Safety boots Oberstdorf
S3 Winter safety boots Comfort12
e.s. S3 Safety boots Siom-x 12
S3 SympaTex Safety boots BIOMEX®
e.s. S3 Safety boots Polaris mid
e.s. S3 Safety boots Nembus mid
S3 Safty boots Saalbach
e.s. S3 Safety shoes Pavonis
S3 Safety boots David
S3 Winter safety boots
S3 Safety boots Comfort12
e.s. S3 Safety shoes Kastra low
e.s. S3 Safety boots Leporis
e.s. S3 Safety shoes Nembus low
Elten S3 Winter safety boots Lech
e.s. S3 Safety boots Kallisto
e.s. S3 Safety boots Apodis mid
e.s. S3 Safety boots Polyxo high

Safety Boots for your special requirements

Safety boots with anti-slip protection and climatic comfort

Steel toe caps in safety boots have long been the best way to protect feet against crushing and falling objects. Yet modern work shoes should be able to offer more. Anti-slip protection, moisture protection and climatic comfort are the major factors when selecting the correct work shoe. Our e.s. work shoes and safety boots are suitable for the very different demands placed on them by their wearers. Work shoes of the e.s. brand to match our popular clothing collection are available in different colours, designs and functions. Especially women can find a wide range of womens safety boots at engelbert strauss. The membrane technology by dryplexx is used in many e.s. safety boots models. Waterproof, wind proof and breathable, "dryplexx waterproof" and "dryplexx extreme" ensure moisture protection and climate regulation of the highest standard. Above all, the high-performance membrane "dryplexx extreme" stands out due to its superb moisture protection characteristics.

Safety boots made with best material

With a water column of 5,000 mm, safety boots with dryplexx® extreme membranes lie far over the DIN standard which designates the water tightness (1,300 mm). Many of our winter gloves also feature membrane technology. As our most important tools, our hands should remain well-protected against the cold; at the same time they should have mechanical protection; sweaty hands should be avoided and dexterity should remain upheld as much as possible. The membrane technology we use in the field of functional clothing is by dryplexx, Gore and FIBERtwin. engelbert strauss supplies you with all functional equipment consisting of safety shoes, work gloves and work clothes - through one simple order; everything from one source!

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